Community Beat for June 17!

Greetings Spacefriends!

The Community Beat for June 17 is now live! Filled with a wrapup of the community events from the last few weeks and highlights for whats coming up next!

If you have any stories you’d love to share, or events you’re planning. Lego® you’re building… (Or happen to know how you say Einherji correctly…) We’d love to hear it!

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Clearly my story will tell the tail of when they foretold the miracle of Jamespocalypse quote;
“the day of the James so cometh as a thief in the night” The prophecy shared with us by our saviour Aiko Queen Regent of High Sec. This story will include also how her majesty defeated Blackflag with special mentions of that brilliant part of history which was delivered to us all on the blog.

I plan to submit a Lego® statue of Queen Aiko Danuja

/edit work in progress image sample
Happy Aiko Day

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Does it involve catalysts? :wink:



That will be great if you do

Please let me know how that was done?

Because I do not remember any of that? While safety is not wardeccable… (I know right) If we are at war again for some reason then their members better pucker up as they do have structures in alt corps we can go and remove once again. As a matter if fact… they seem to have a lot in caldari space.

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@CCP_Zelus I’d like to inform you of the latest PANDORA expansion set to be released this afternoon as posted at Presenting EVE PANDORA - #41 by DeT_Resprox - the video of which can be seen in the video image on that post.

These FW campaigns are auto generated when an FW systems hits 90% contested, creating a campaign for the attacking faction and a campaign for the defending faction.

By default, no rewards and no agents are assigned. However, those with the required setup can add themselves as an agent / broker and assign isk rewards per kill. Up to 3 agents can add themselves and agent rewards pledged will add to the overall total isk rewarded per kill to those involved.

These campaigns will end with rewards to claim if the system drops to 80% contested (defensive campaign) or is flipped (offensive campaign) and at least one agent / broker is assigned with rewards to claim.

These campaign will remove themselves if they end with no agent / broker assigned.

These campaigns will remove themselves if there is no outcome by the end date and time.

Our DISCORD channels will announce the creation and ending of these campaigns and any rewards pledged by agents adding themselves as brokers to these campaigns.

The big boss approves :slightly_smiling_face: :

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