Community Immunity

Today I drove into the city, and became one of the throng. There’s a lot of people in cities, thousands of cars, the houses all jammed together, people waiting in queues and at traffic lights. All doing their best to live out their lives the best way they can.

So many people: it gives me community immunity.

It made me think of EVE.

I like EVE because, like space, it’s empty.

Generally I keep a couple of busy chats open to keep things happening on screen, like a radio in the background. And some pirates cause some static in my play. But mostly my game is empty.

Is this emptiness an unintentional Icelandic-born effect on the design of EVE? Everyone gets plenty of space; personal and astronautical, so that the game becomes a virtual meditative retreat. A calming haven from the madness of the crowd, a virtual home where no real home is available.

Please visit Jita

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Spotted the afk miner.

Go to…well…Jita? Amarr? I could say Delve too… Hey. That would be fun content at least.
On the other hand. If you don´t leave an empty constellation…sure. Its empty. EVE online. Dying since 2003…

You sound like ‘Thought for the day’ on UK BBC radio in the mornings - “babble babble, and do you know, this reminded me of Jesus babble babble…”

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