Do You Feel Sorry For People Who Think Video Games Are Real?

I remember being a little kid and literally feeling like video games were real alternate realities. Phantasy Star Online was advertised as a whole new world to interact with people from around the world. When I played it on dreamcast as a kid online it felt limitless and magical and amazing. Same for the game Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun. The game had so much value. Even unreal Tournament. These days I see those games as what they are. Simple programs filled with flaws. Dead communities. There is no limitless mystery and magic. I’ve even made my own edits to the games run my own private servers. Hacked the games to play as I wanted. Now they mean nothing.

In relation I see the same thing with EVE Online. I wonder how many people actually see it as what I once saw video games as. For some reason I’ve always seen through EVE Online as a grinding spreadsheet. A waste of my time and energy.

I just came across this person playing eve and you can see how excited and happy the game makes them:

It’s interesting to me. They must see the game as I used to see games when I was 12. :smiley:

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OK, since you don’t like Eve then just leave.

We definitely don’t need to see threads like this here.


People having fun and enjoying their gameplay ‘think video games are real’ now? People who find excitement in what they enjoy are somehow at the same level as a 12 year old?

Maybe you’re just cynical and pathetic.


Hobby: an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.

Of course there will always be people who take things too seriously, but that is true for any hobby, whether watching sports ball or playing video games.


i would still play this if there were any worthwhile communities left

Is this where I tell the OP to “Get off my lawn”?
I really thought the wireframe Star Wars arcade game was awesome and then Doom came along. :wink:

Sad more than sorry.

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well on the point of op topic
yes most games are quite vapid when you get down to the nuts and bolts
thats why games like wow used to be so popular because there was a lot of grinding and exploring in the world and in your own class
it took time to perfect a playstyle and get a good customised build
now they remove all the aspects of the stuff that made it too complicated and they are left with something entirely vapid and unengaging
but developers are limited in both manpower and vision
and lack the ability to create meaningful ai
games like skyrim try to counter this with radiant quests but they are also just a vapid thing that offers no real storyline or meaningful experience
so yep games are great until you scratch beneath the surface enough to see whats really going on a realise youve experienced all there is to experience and you wont get any more enjoyment from it
however pvp games tend to have more longevity because you are competing against other players and so it doesnt matter if the game is vapid and meaningless at its core so long as you can always be challenged in skill and strategy by real players
and you get endorphin rush when you teabag the corpse of your enemies

@ISD_Buldath, @ISD_Sakimura, @ISD_Fractal please close for trolling. Same person created a thread here of questionable intend.

Also, awesome fight by the streamer BalefulDysnomia. :thumbsupparrot:


Advancement in games thru years.

I have no other choice but to troll. I’d have to play EVE on a new account since I forgot my old ones and they were low level anyway. I’m not about to do those redundant pve low level missions or read my first book or harvest my first asteroid in this old ass game knowing damn well ill get bored within seconds once i start having flashbacks of when I did it before. Not like it has any value or fun in those tasks.

I mean it is completely up to you how you spend your free time. I gladly waste some of it with games I consider fun playing. Wasting time is nothing negative.

As for “real”, I mean there are multiple levels to this. It obviously has a real impact on emotions, thoughts, relationships in and outside the game etc. But it is quite important that people clearly learn to separate a game from reality.

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If you have time to waste, its your choice how to waste it. Its wasted anyway. :woman_shrugging:

If you waste time and feel bad about it, then stop playing and do “something productive”.

Actually even playing a game can be something productive, but you have to choose a way that will profit you in some way. Maybe even profit your personality.

Actually, actually, even when doing something productive, creating something, thinking about something, you can play with something, try new possibilities, and effects are sometimes a lot better than just repeating what you learned from someone else.

Get out before you’re being shoved out by the staff.

You’ve used a video of what seems to be a pretty awesome fight, a streamer in a 1vs2 situation, who against the odds won and you want to take a stab at the player for having fun and success with EVE Online. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone being so petty and bitter over a game they haven’t even played. You are the archetype of troll:


You’re as ugly as they come.

Why do you derail and spam threads with your personal attacks? is this a every day thing for you? Are you mad I don’t like EVE? Is that your problem? lol…

Did you even try to contact Customer Support, either using or sending an email directly at

EVEonline does not have “level”-based progression as most other MMO(RPG)s have, it’s “Skill”-based in more ways than one.

Video games are not “real”. Sure they can be used to have fun, socialize, alleviate boredom and much more.

EVEonline is what you make it out to be. If you only focus on the negative all you will ever see is the “negative”. With EVE being a sandbox game, you have all options available to you (within game mechanics of course) and only your imagination sets your limit of what you can do in this virtual universe.


No, I’m telling you you’re being an ugly troll. Why don’t you get off your high horse and play EVE and put some effort into it?

These forums are not the best place to talk thoughtfully about EVE.
Neither are the alternatives, which is sad.

Anyhow, games are about learning.
Learning is fun.
Let’s use tic-tac-toe as an example, once you learn the algorithm then the fun diminishes.
So we give up seeing tic-tac-toe the same way, its horizons have shrunk.

Same for all games.
Not just the games that are designed to be games, but also all the other games that people play.

That’s the briefest explanation of why games lose their shine.

So why do people hang on when the magic has gone? As we can see by these forums, it’s because people are still hooked on that feeling, they want it back, badly.

Just like you do.
But it won’t ever happen again.
Unless you change how you think about games.
That’s what I learned about games. :slight_smile:

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Reporting for subtly attempting to insult the playerbase.

You’re not half as clever as you think you are, underlined further by the fact that you know nothing about EVE and delve in ignorance. Your childish behaviour is noted.

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This. I believe OP’s actually exactly like this considering he wants to play solo in an MMO.