Why older gamers are upset with Game Developers and What went wrong with gaming?

32 minutes of “hell yeah’s” and nodding in agreement with the video.
When I think back to the earlier days of gaming and the golden age of it, peaking around 1998, it makes me want to play Baldur’s Gate all over again.

Do you have that nostalgic feeling or are you exstatic and hopeful about the state of gaming today?

I hope you enjoy the video and if not, then I apologize for wasting the minute you spent deciding if you’d finish it or not.

Have a great day!


Neither actually. I don’t have a 360kb drive to load Zork anymore and while I miss the excitement I got from a stupid text base game when it first came out, I’m not building a PC with a drive to replay it. On the other side of your coin while my rig has cost me 10k for full graphical and sound immersion none of the games I play provide the same excitement and thrills that Zork did back in the day. It was new and different. My imagination was the real interface. Now though engulfed in surround sound and multiscreens my imagination no longer is engaged in any game… for that I am saddened.

Now bringing the video and the fact that you’ve posted this to Eve’s forum; The big bad ‘Box’ the video portrays is Eve’s entire cash stream. It’s free to play, and you pay for more choices/opportunities (Note: Not to win - There is no winning ‘Eve’ just enjoying it for what it is).

As someone who’s put (many) thousands into CCP’s hands I can say, good on them. I don’t feel like I was ever lied to or mislead. I sometimes feel the bite of P.T. Barnum’s, “There’s a sucker born every minute” quote, but the fact is after 3 years I can even just sit in a hanger look at all the tools and opportunities I’ve put together and my imagination is engaged pondering what I’ll do next.

And that my friend is why I’ve always played games and read books. At 63 it’s become harder and harder to ignite my imagination. CCP for all it’s mistakes and errors is delivering me a product I am proud to maintain in my library and would miss if it was gone, even if I still pretty much suck at it (primarily because I’m apparently an intransigent loner) and mostly just sit in a hanger.


Nice video.

It really points out the anti-consumer practices that games have done over the years. It’s one of the reasons I really dislike the addition of log-in rewards and ‘daily tasks’ to EVE.

Those things have no other purpose than to let players form the habit of logging in daily and the game would have been better if such things had never been added.


I completely agree. The reason I posted in this forum is because I thought the members of a long-running game like EVE would be familiar with the “big bad box” but from a different angle. I agree that EVE doesn’t mislead players as some of the games displayed in the video.

I understand perfectly. Although mine has always been overactive and I’ve had two outlets for it. I’m glad for that because there is no game right now that fires it like a walk in the woods.

I can’t say I would miss it because I’m not emotionally invested in it, haven’t played it for that long but I acknowledge that I was overly critical of CCP. EVE is a game I like to play, I pay for it by buying PLEX - seldomly but more than the price of AAA game - and I’m satisfied as an Alpha clone. To me it’s just another game… because killing time isn’t murder, lol.

Doesn’t matter to me if I’m good or bad at a video game. I just want to be entertained and not have to struggle with the controls or have the game freeze at crucial points. The rest is just pixels to me.

I entirely agree. It’s so sad that todays developers feel that they have to put gimmicks into their games so that players spend money. I said it before and now again: make it good and people will come.
I’m thinking of the success of Elden Ring at the moment and all the stuff that it does different than most games in it’s category. I have a feeling it has more than a few lessons for western developers.

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That’s going in The Book! Total War: WARHAMMER - High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer Cinematic Trailer - YouTube

what happened is you got old and are being nostalgic. Did you also walk to school in the snow, up hill both ways?

Living in Montana, I can confirm this is still the case.

So many people from California and other states moving here and I really don’t know why, Montana sucks, especially living near/on the rez like I do.

Yep. Lots of players got old. But that’s not what the video is about.

It’s a billion :moneybag:isk for the answer.

Is EVE gotten a habbit to me… yes.
Do I enjoy playing EVE… 50% of time.
Do I dislike playing EVE… 2% of time.
Do I feel tricked by CCP… no, I pay my monthly fee and I know usually what I get… some mystery with new things from time to time is good and keep me ongoing as there is always something now or changed to master… if I like to do so.
Do I thin Alfa accounts are a good idea as well es Plex… yes it gives people access who has low budget.
More people = more fun in EVE as more to shoot :wink:

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Cannot say I disagree with the points made, I would add to it when we had games shift away from a single player narrative with multi-player support to the games being focused on mutli-player with a sop thrown out for a single player experience- compare the old X-wing or TIE Fighter to what followed with X-wing Vs TIE.


I agree. The shift from on-hard-drive player-owned to online multiplayer-subscribed system dethroned single-player games.

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