VideoGame vs. Reality

It’s concerning that Some Eveonline players Have a Hard time Separating the game from Reality. If a player Are in this kind of situation what should He/She should Do to manage this because it’s unhealthy.

Um, maybe you should elaborate on what you’re talking about, because your post kind of sounds like a troll.



Can I have your stuff? I bet 1 isk that this another anti ganking crap

Yeah you really need to be more precise.

I have been accused of not being able to tell the difference between video games and reality merely for pointing to the mindsets of certain players and their in-game choices, as if those things have nothing to do with what defines their internal workings. I never said they were more likely to do things in real life because of it. However, that probably would be true in times past, with fewer options to simulate their desires. Video games are great. I think the world is in fact a SAFER place for them, including this one.

But since the screed that video games make the world a more dangerous place is more often claimed, and much LOUDER too, I am sometimes confused for one of those. I am not at all.

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What can you do? It’s not your problem if another person can’t separate fantasy from reality. The best you can do is suggest they get help and then distance yourself from their psychosis as much as possible.

The “moral panic” over people doing bad things in games is decades old. I’ll trot this example out again:

Tom Hanks’ first starring role was in a bizarre anti-D&D movie in the early 80’s about a young man who can separate reality from fiction and is greatly harmed by dabbling pen-and-paper classic.

While I do think there is the odd edge case who can’t separate a video game from reality, most humans are completely capable of engaging in imaginary play while understanding it is separate from reality. Play is very important for humans, and actually most higher animals, as it teaches valuable skills and provides stimulation in a consequence-free space. Eve Online is just another manifestation of this behaviour, where we can play around in a imaginary, virtual space where no one can get hurt.

Eve isn’t real. Not by a long shot. Maybe we see more of this maladaptive behaviour of people taking things too seriously in Eve as CCP has tried to engineer more “consequences” into the game than others, but it is still just a made up universe that lives on some servers in a data center in London. You can’t actually lose anything real while playing the game and you can leave at any time.

So, I guess, like toddlers who take a game of soccer or cards too seriously and can’t handle losing, some maturity is needed to play Eve. It is a competitive game after all, and one designed so you can lose your imaginary items to both NPCs and other players. Apparently some people never grow out of the toddler developmental phase or learn good sportsmanship, and there is nothing stopping them from playing with you. All you can do is block and isolate them, and don’t let their deficiencies impact on your game experience.

So OP, don’t take on their baggage. If they can’t see that Eve is imaginary, just distance yourself from them and carry on enjoying the imaginary world of New Eden on your terms.

Edit: hey! @Shipwreck_Jones beat me to the Mazes and Monsters reference. Kudos man.


Good points. Still there is a difference between accepting that you have certain choices and freedoms within a game like killing/scamming/whatever and doing those because it’s part of the game and is fine OR taking it to another level where it’s the only thing you do and go out of your way to maximise the “pain” you inflict.

Killing someone in an MMO is fine but if a vast majority of your gameplay is corpse camping to extract tears and reactions then you have RL issues. Not saying that’s a problem but this avoidance/ignoring by going “nonono, there’s no relation at all ever” is silly.


In reality everyone is a bit of a dick inside, even if they mask over it. Some people have a strong moral compass which prevents them from acting out on it too much. Other people are inhibited because they lack the power to do so and fear the consequences (Nietzsche’s “slave morality”). Some people just don’t care and are dicks regardless of their lack of power.

At any rate, put them on the Internet where you have the Online Disinhibition Effect and the mask slips off even the reserved folks and you get people actually acting like dicks.

It’s not a big deal and doesn’t make anyone a “bad person”. It makes them human.

Oh and BTW, if you think your moral virtue justifies you insulting and smearing people who play differently than you… nah, you’re just being a dick in your own disinhibited way. You’re just dishonestly trying to rationalize and justify it. I’d take an honest dick over a rationalizer any day.

EDIT: Hey Renly not sure why you’re liking my post. I’m literally criticizing you in the past paragraph…

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After separating out the seemingly random capitalized words and running them through my patented spamlord algorithm, I have deciphered the hidden meaning in the OP.

It says, “Here is today’s catnip thread”.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


No, you are trying to weasel your way out of what I quoted.

This is a false dichotomy. Not reporting a post is not leaving you flapping in the wind - as you have agency to report the post yourself, and there is not a minimum number of report actions required to get it queued for a moderator’s review (aside from the initial actual report action, that is). You are shifting the onus on the rest of the forum to defend you, when you are entirely capable of your own defense. As I said: that is in poor taste.


so you mean anyone who thinks killboards matter.

people who say others are salty?

people who rage because they’re bad at the game?

people who rage because they claim others don’t play fair?

people who don’t understand the difference between belief, fact or opinion

people who don’t understand a joke?

people who believe what you say or do in a video game is representitive of who a person is?

the list could go on and on.

The idea of “true nature” is in itself a nonsense as it ignores the impact of environment on the construction of an individual.

This is this kind of absurd theories that was used by nazis to promote scientific discrimination (see essentialism as a dogma).

/troll (though this is fact)

Just because it hurts your feelings doesnt mean you have to scream about it.

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Then why would he have to scream about it ?

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the irony.

Of what?

You should be specific.

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you can lead a horse to water.

Can I? Cool, will do.

Youre that guy that always tells me Im allowed to do stuff after saying something really vague.

Youre my top fan atm

i’ll be the first to say it, nobody expects… the spanish inquisition!

be that as it may people need to stop fun policing based on morality, it’s not like someone can go on an EVE like killing spree IRL is it now?