Real People in a Fantasy Universe

I wonder at things like Vulnerability Windows. Not for what they are, but what they imply about how people think about the players of online games.

I’m a casual. Not just in games but at work too.

I’m sure I’m not the only filthy casual out there that has to work three different shifts and have that roster change every week or two.

So having to set aside set times for games is not possible for me, without doing ludicrous things like miss work.

Which means design decisions which incorporate set times, like Vulnerability Windows, exclude filthy dirty casuals like myself.

Maybe nearly everyone works Mon-Fri nine to five, but I have this odd feeling that I’m not alone in being casual.

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I wonder. Has it ever occurred to you that citadels are corporation structures, not personal structures?
Like, you know, you need a corporation to deploy them and they’re assets of the corporation, not a single player in the corporation. We’re also playing a multiplayer game here and corporations are supposed to be groups of players, not a single person.

Do you see where I’m going with this? These structures weren’t designed for filthy casuals like yourself, nor for hardcore players that are 23/7 online. They are designed for groups of players. You are supposed to work together with other players to make use of and defend them. They’re not your personal toys, nor were they ever supposed to be.


As a developer you have the choice to try and please a majority with your design decisions or try to please all and fail greatly.

Groups of people; I’m so glad you didn’t use that odious word “community”.

Corporations of anonymous people are for the real world. Reality, where dreams, like the dreams of people owning houses, where those dreams go to die.

Why have citadels, if it’s just a ragtag bunch of ratbags who you will never really know?
Why not just let stations remain as NPC corps?
At least NPCs can be trusted.
But no, CCP has to defer to some crazy notion that the game has to have some risk; for the person who isn’t logged in, apparently.

Really, if you log out in space, your ships should stay there, and be subject to other players’ actions. Your spaceship isn’t your personal toy, it’s content for other players.

That’s what you want. Isn’t it?

Minecraft seems to show that building stuff is slightly popular. Maybe CCP could make some real Isk out of it, if they can get build up the courage to take the risk.

Not sure what your point is. I try to make a dozen mistakes a day, otherwise I make the mistake of being too lazy.

I would have thought it glaringly apparent that the most obvious need of any person is to belong.

To be a part of something.

Now if only CCP could find a way to do that. If only they could be given some clue as to how to increase that sense of attachment between EVE and the player.

There currently isn’t a single station in EVE that isn’t owned by a NPC entity.

Except they don’t. Your personal assets are safe. Structures in space aren’t your personal assets, however.

So all I got out of your post is that you want EVE to be your personal themepark MMO where you’re perfectly safe from any interaction with other players. With expectations like that, you’re clearly playing the wrong game. The sooner you can admit that to yourself, the sooner you can move on to a game that suits you more than EVE ever could.

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word !!! :+1:

So … ?

uh … no.

EVE is not a place where you are supposed to feel happy, safe and sheltered. You having the need to “belong” does not mean everyone is like this. People in your “social circles” being the same way is not an indication that such a thing is normal.

Food is a need. It is a basic requirement for survival. “Belonging” simply is not. Having a family or a place to live is also neither a “need” nor a “requirement”.

What you are talking about are personal problems of people. When someone has the desire for a “House” (as example) in a game, what is really going on is that he wants to escape real life in a fashion that is unhealthy and absolutely not desirable in this game whatsoever.

The worst people around are escapists.

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In a game that is centered on PvP or at least competition between players, the dream of a solo space empire is not very realistic. Even if you could set timers to your preferred time, the enemy will almost certainly not be playing solo and will still blow up your stuff.
If you insist on playing solo, a a non-MMO game may be better suited to what you want to do.

That being said, the further you go away from Jita or other trade hubs, the easier it is to anchor citadels and have a good chance of nobody being bored enough to blow it up.
Or join a corporation somewhere. There are always tons of corporations looking for more members.

That are biological imperativs and if is not satisfied there is possibilities of physical and physical harm.

Independent of our usual … uhm … communication patterns …

Could you fix that sentence, please?

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