Any Way To Have Fun In This Game Without Grinding Yet?

I’ve demo’d this game ever since it came out but never could play it for more than a few days. I just don’t enjoy grinding in this particular game. Maybe I don’t even like the mechanics of this game, lol. Just curious if you still have to grind for a long time to have any fun in it or did they make a instant action mechanic yet for people who just want to jump in and jump out.

I’ve been playing since 2012 and I’ve never done a single moment of grinding in a single moment of playing this game.

There is already in insta-action mechanic. Build a ship, jump into low/nul/wh. Done.

Sorry, instant gratifications don’t really exist here.

EVE is serious spaceship business. You will have to mine, haul, trade, build, explore, conquer, negotiate and fight. There is no room for fun.


Yeah. Grinding is optional and only for those who enjoy it or lack the creativit needed to make isk in more interesting ways. Or poor people who can’t afford PLEX.

Friending people in this game in a feeble attempt to avoid grinding would make me wanna hang myself. I’d rather harvest a asteroid. Certainly wouldn’t pay to have fun. Either. Not autistic.

This is an MMO.

The middle M stands for ‘Multiplayer’

Cooperative gameplay is always more rewarding in an MMO than solo gameplay by virtue of it being an MMO. And I say that as someone who does most of his PVP solo.

If you don’t want cooperative gameplay, don’t play MMOs. Especially EVE Online, because I can assure you people will cooperate against you.

For the record, there’s no grind in this game. Even the grinding isn’t really grinding. You don’t really know what grinding is until you’ve played Black Desert. Come back and whine about the grind when you’ve played that.

Also, if that’s all it takes to make you want to hang yourself, then I suggest you get a will prepared ASAP. The real world is the worst grind of all.


we don’t need you isolationists coming from wannabe MMOs which don’t deserve the title. if you want to play alone, play any of the other, lesser games instead.

looks like you need a reality check about this one.

I’ll be back in a few years to ask the question again.

If you haven’t grown up sooner than that, the game still won’t be for you.

Atleast you dont gave to grind SP in EVE.

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It’s a sandbox game. The mechanic of it only provides rudimentary functionality. Everything else comes from players interacting with one another. You cannot just jump in and out, and expect to be seen as little more than a random trespasser.

You can certainly run missions, shoot some NPCs, and use this for your fun to hop in and out. But you’ll notice it will get boring after a while and be nothing but a grind. It’s also the wrong way to play in this game, because players are a part of the content and participation in the sandbox is key to success here.

“I don’t want to play with other people. I know! I’ll make an account on an MMO!”



She gets a :ribbon: for trying to participate and a Velator.

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Its fine and possible to play EVE solo.

You are never truly “alone” but you can avoid almost all interaction with other players if ypu want.


Good idea, as you’re apparently more suited for the easy games for easy minds. When you grow some claws and teeth feel free to come back, otherwise you’d just be an easy target for ganks and scams anyway.

Not if you plan on buying anything.

You can make your own stuff, and never have to buy anything except skill books from NPCs.

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So what you’re saying is, avoiding interactions with other players makes the game extremely tedious and unfun. Well, I agree.

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No. I said what I said.

You are doing it again, Remiel.