[Compilation] The Lore of the Triglavian Collective

So, basically it is now confirmed, that HFN are Sansha


Yes, the video of Sansha vessels appears at the same point as they get mentioned.

Could The Struggle mean life? Being Outside the Struggle would then mean virtual state like Infomorph or Sleeper.

Intruders seek to corrupt the Flow of Vyraj and the Domain of Buyan.

Koschoi Fun fact, beside being powerful wizard or deity of the underworld or Death itself, Koschoi is refered to as a prisoner or a slave. Also there is a chest, which is buried under an oak, in which there is a rabbit, in which there is a duck, in which where is an egg, in which there is a needle, which is the death of Koschoi, and this oak stands on the Island of Buyan.

As a wild guess, could Koschoi be the Other (from Templar One), and The Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle be the Others?

Should we support Drifters then?


Nobody knows about the Other, or Others in character. Koschoi to me reads like a capsuleer, soul in a needle in an egg, its the whole interface pod thing going on. I’m really impressed with how well the Slavic tales relate. There are various interpretations of the Struggle. “There were clues, even back then,” Grious said, “about the Enheduanni’s struggle.”

There are many references in ship descriptions and other stuff Triglavian to some Tactical, Strategic or Technical or other type of Troika thing and I think that those are individuals, each having 3 personalities.

Sansha somehow invaded 3TTC i.e. a Damavik, which resulted in Narodnya part of it’s personality to get corrupted and Koschoi and Navka parts of it’s personality made decision to self destruct.

This one is unreleased so it’s hard to interpret. But looks to me it’s another example of inner dialogue between Narodnya, Navka and Koschoi of the same individual.

I think subclades are actually individuals each having a Troika in their head. Clades are Troika’s of higher order with subclades being it’s inner personalities. Then whole Triglavian race is an individual consisting of all 3 clades as inner personalities.

Thus Drifters are complete opposite of Triglavians, with every Drifter being a copy of the same mind and every Triglavian being a collective of minds.

And there are also Sansha and Rogue drones, and all of them are incompatible with each other. Cool stuff.


The construction room is going to get a lot bigger…

I believe what we’re seeing in the construction area is only part of the overall construct. I received this via EVE Mail from the Veles Clade:


Directive 73 and 74, may refer to the existing pylons.

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A one Ashterothi is asking about a particular pilot Jynn Minomo, it would seem that the Triglavian’s are watching them for some reason? I feel it is a wrong tree situation but what if there are particular pilot that are seeing something a bit more different than the norm? After all we can’t rule out something so benign can we?

Less than you think.

It seems from the recording that the data encompasses more survey data than personnel info. Stellar phenomena, information on the local star.

The odds are that the holo is a survey report, a scout went to this system and took notes, reporting on an individual in a PI ship passing through.

So what is more likely is as we saw this pilot leave the system, the Triglavian(s) finished their report and sent it through their network, and we intercepted it in record time. We may be able to reliably follow up on Triglavian scouting reports in this way, if we can intercept all critical communications.

And possibly better, we can determine who else has access to the console sets if they decide to follow up on reports sent through the network. But it is a double edged sword. Be careful, pilots.


This jumped out at me earlier: “no glorification nor yet mortification, only extirpation.” To me that suggests extirpation as being complete destruction, but mortification isn’t. Seems like the Triglavians are very orientated towards survival of the fittest. Which got me thinking.

We know the basic setup is bloodline based, that is the inference of ‘Clade.’ What they appear to do is test different bloodlines, see how each contributes to the performance of the race. It’s still not totally clear but the Narodnya seem to be the ‘unproven’, They undergo proving in various ways, the outcome being glorification and rewarded with the Deathless Koschoi, or hived off to become a Navka. It would make the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle the Koschoi and Navka, and the Narodnya being the strugglers.

What if these are the Lab Rats or Apokumenoi, and the scientists that worked on them? It would make them Modifiers which fits with the Triglavians, as opposed to Enheduanni who belong to the Statics or Stasis People. The timelines are really confused, notably those from Tony G, assume that the Jovians always used Lab Rats, the name Apokumenoi suggests a very old origin.

So during the Second Empire, under the Tyrants, a group of scientists trying to improve the species found the Jovian Disease, or traces of it and determined the species as a whole was heading nowhere, and that extreme modification was necessary. I can see that not sitting well with the Tyrants, and probably caused a lot of unrest within society. Maybe enough to trigger civil war, the Jove are so touchy.

Triglavian ships seems to rise up pretty quickly, and i wonder, is there any way to copy Triglavian alphabet and use it for different name, not only in EvE of course.

If one of you know any way please respond


https://www.dropbox.com/s/kg0k1m804kbczmm/triglavian-completed.otf you can download the font if thats what you mean?

Yes but also use them, for example in Eve, or in other platform that accept different fonts.

also thanks

You can usually backdoor your way into other characters and other fonts if you know the underlying code. Like if you hold Alt and type “1 4” on your keypad, you’ll get ♫ that.

So if we knew the code for the Trig letters and numbers, we could force the game to let us use them for naming our stuff too. =)

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I don’t know if we can copy and paste some fonts, that generate when we get killed in abyssal space

No the only way is to print screen and translate. If you got to Zkill then select the text and right click it will translate for you. It is only the system info and you need to Rot-13 that.