[Compilation] The Lore of the Triglavian Collective

No. Just no. They’re linked… we think… but that’s not it.

And the 3rd region is very close to Drone regions. (Deviant Automata)
Pass the test and the path to our house will be open for you. :rofl:

What test?

Could the Jove actually have conquered the disease that was killing them and have come back as the Triglavian?

Or, are the Triglavian the evolved version of the virus that attacked the Jove’s DNA?

Three conduits

I was running a mining mission in one of the major conduits and came across one large conduit and two smaller conduits.

Do the smaller conduits connect to the larger one creating a bridge for the Triglavian Mothership to come through?

Jove Mothership was also used in the Battle of Vak’Atioth…

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a “Baptism of fire”

What “Baptism of fire” is?


The Jovians valued one thing above all else – information. A possible connection to the early Circadian Sleepers that once valued all of the information they could possibly come across.

Information that could have been sent to the Jove through the wormholes into Triglavian conduits where the Jove, either finding or creating the Abyss that cured their disease because of the different types of radiation, quietly waited, until now to return.

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I’ll try to decipher.
Fight them to prove you are a worthy warrior.
An invasion is a test.

Mothership is the main command ship, which gives orders to the main strike forces of Triglavian.
Everything is exactly the same as Jove.

Whoooooooooooooooa, okay, no. Stop. This is all completely off the rails.

The Triglavians are not the Jove. Allow me to repeat: They are not the Jove.

As for the Mothership thing, the Triglavians don’t call them Motherships, they call them World Arks. So, not only is that a ridiculous speculative link with no factual evidence, but your anecdotal evidence is wrong. You’re also wrong about how the Conduits work, but that’s not the point.

As for who the Triglavians are… we’re not sure. We know they date back a few thousand years to the time of the Jovian Second Empire, which was before the Jove Disease existed, but we aren’t sure they were Jove. They definitely haven’t been anything like the Jove, if they ever were, in a very long time.


No. Just no. Not only do you not understand how the Jove Disease works, the Triglavians have a completely different technological history than the Jove, and left New Eden long before the Jove Disease arose.

As for this “evolved form” stuff… that’s not how anything works.

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What Aiden says - the Triglavian Collective are absolutely not the Jove Directorate.

The Trigs are absolutely linked to the Jove race in some way, but any connection would go back many, many years - the chronicle “Mithra’s Gate” details an abandoned Second Empire facility with a tripled-output clone fabricator which, combined with the release timing, points towards the Trigs being an offshoot of the SECOND EMPIRE Jove at best.

While the use of worldships seems to have happened in the past of both the Trigs and the Third Empire Jove, they aren’t at all the same vessels - the Xordazh was developed from a much older World Ark class dubbed “Kitzeh”, which conceivably could have had a connection to (again) the SECOND EMPIRE at most. The Directorate’s motherships were far smaller, and were used after the collapse of the Second Empire in order to move what few of them remained to their modern home region.

On the disease:

The Directorate Jove struggles with the Jove Disease. The Sleepers slumbered away in a virtual world and avoided it. The Triglavians, if they too are vulnerable, would presumably have their own solution - and if anything, I’d assume it to be the mutaplasmid tech incorporated into their suits and (presumably) present in their bodies.

Also, Circadian Seekers are firmly a Drifter-aligned hull, save for a sole example during the Warzone Extraction event in which Drifters tried and failed to raid k-space Sleeper Enclaves for trinary relics - which now seem to have certainly been connected to the Trigs.


Triglavian weaponry and their ships are on par for an advanced race capable of easily defeating the Drifters without much effort. Such weaponry would be bar none Jovian based seeing as how the Triglavian are just as old as the Jovian’s are.

You said that they weren’t Jove but then said that you really don’t know if they are Jovian or not.

There are subtle hints that the Triglavian are in fact part of the Jove Empire.

There is only one person in all of the history of New Eden that has had direct contact with the Jovian.
Captain , John Rourke

During his encounter with Mr. Smith and the supposed Jovian intelligence Rourke was whisked away to an interrogation room where he negotiated with the Jovian interrogator. Based on Rourkes accounts before disappearing into Jovian space supposedly due to having Jovian tech implanted in his body that saved his life he gave details of the room that he was interrogated in.

On the walls were seven “spheres” that turned on and became “angry” after a hot exchange between Rourke and the interrogator. See below:


The similarity between interrogation room disintegrators and Entropic Disintegrators used on Triglavian ships is too much of a coincidence seeing as has how Jovian’s have never in their history been known to use such weaponry.


Rourke also asks the Interrogator if they are Jovian. The Interrogator never responds with a yes or no for that matter. At the end of the conversation the Interrogator says that the Jovian technology will be returned however and that “all understand.” The female voice never confirms that she was in fact Jovian. So could the technology have been Triglavian in origin and the Triglavian were using the Jove as a ruse to mask their existence?

Another hidden variable that I see comes in the form of abstract logic.

Using Lambda Calculus where the variable that caused the change is not known but the output is known we can also see the Triglavian Major Conduits conform to the Interrogation Room triangle.

Taking away one of the room disintegrators from each side of the room that represents the male and female aspect of creation in New Eden that leaves us six disintegrators on each side. To form a perfect triangle we need three 60 degree angles. But we only have the number six, so how do we multiply the two sides by ten . The male aspect would equal a 1 + 0, in this case the 0 being neither additive or negative but more or less an eternal circle of life. The same would apply to the female aspect as well.

Both sides are then multiplied by the female and male Triglavian aspect of creation to get 60 degree angles. But what would be the third angle? The comment made by Charlie “What in the Seven Hell’s” which the Abyss is remnant of.

But there would have to be a third a support for the Triglavian conduit to exist in the metaphasical aspect of the Triglavian faith.

What is that third support structure? A child born of Triglavian, Human and Jovian DNA. An emissary of the Triglavian race that is the chalice of their Invasion.

The Clear Skies Incident is New Eden history that is often times over looked.

Clear Skies is a player-made movie trilogy that has been canonized in-universe as a movie series, a fictional adventure story - told out in the description for the special edition item:

image Premier ticket for: Clear Skies

Clear Skies is a three part story created by director John Rourke.

Upon the initial release of Clear Skies on May 29, 2008 John Rourke had this to say: “Two years of my hard work culminated in this, I’m very proud of it and I hope you like it.”

A year later New Eden was graced with the release of Clear Skies 2 on May 10, 2009. It would be another two years until finally, Clear Skies 3, was released on May 29, 2011; 3 years to the day from when the first Clear Skies was released.

Unfortunately for those wanting more Clear Skies John Rourke announced that Clear Skies 3 would be the last and final film in the series.

I believe the Trigs to be a splinter of the Jove race, but nothing so direct as having come from the faded Third Empire. The Directorate was a shadow of the Second Empire, which itself seems to have likely been the origin point leading to the Drifters, Triglavians, and Directorate of today - all very different factions.

I go into great detail on the evidence behind a lot of this (and the theories I continue to develop) in this thread: [Speculation] Theorizing the entangled past and future of the Triglavians and Drifters

Unfortunately for those wanting more Clear Skies John Rourke announced that Clear Skies 3 would be the last and final film in the series.

Do the Triglavian not enumerate their existence based on the number “3?”

But like your documentation above titled “Speculation” we will never know for certain until we travel deeper into the Abyss and cross thread filaments so that a ship, a single ship would be able to access all Triglavian Abyssal space at the same moment, a super conduit if you will into the very heart of the Triglavian’s.

That’s an extremely poor description of how travel works, and I don’t think we’ll be using filaments to do it, but you’re right that we probably won’t find any real answers until we enter the “heart of the storm” that some, like myself, believe lies within the heart of the Abyss.

Most of what you’ve said, especially, is speculation, and baseless speculation at that. The Triglavians are probably not as old as the Jove, for example: hints regarding their relationship at the time indicate that the Triglavians, at the time of the Second Empire, were either a much younger spacefaring empire than the Jove Tyranny, or a faction within the Tyranny who weren’t particularly powerful. If Triglavian tech is based on Jove Tech, by the way, the connection begins and ends at that time, in the Second Era, and their technology we see today is probably radically different, after thousands of years, from what was in use then.

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Triglavian definitely aren’t human by any standards of coming from the race of humans that traveled through the Eve Gate. Triglavian’s aren’t part Drifter either as their technology is nowhere the same as the Drifter but is definitely more powerful than the Drifter which is obvious from the wrecks in the Abyss which would make the Triglavians older and far more advanced than the Drifters.

Since we don’t see any Jovian ships in the Abyss like we have with the Rogue Drones, Drifters and Sleepers as well as the Triglavian’s having a problem with Sansha’s Nation which is also part human and part machine then the connection between the Triglavian and the races mentioned above is an organic / machine connection.

The Triglavian’s could even well be the evolved version of Sansha’s Nation citizens who found a way to access the Abyss and established their own civilization. The conflict between the Triglavian’s and Sansha’s Nation could be one of extermination.

One critical factor that has been overlooked is, where are the Triglavian exploration ships?

Every race in New Eden has a ship design geared around exploration why would the Triglavian be any different? Could a Triglavian exploration ship be what is needed to extend the lifetime of the field that keeps the Triglavian’s alive in the crushing depths?

Are there devices hidden in the rocky confines of asteroids within the Abyssal sites that project a field around areas controlled by the Triglavian’s? Would such fields allow integration of fields within the protection field itself to maintain the integrity of the Triglavian hulls?

If you have ever been inside of an Abyssal site, any ship that is not Triglavian often times already has severe damage done to them, almost as if a virus is eating through their hulls. Perhaps the Jovian’s have managed to use the effects of the virus that was killing their race to provide a shield around the Triglavian’s while infecting the hulls of others who are hostile to the Triglavian’s.


Could the adaptive virus discovered at the Biohazard Containment Facility and Aliastra Warehouse stations in Semiki actually be part of a Triglavian experiment to see how well their mutaplasmids are able to infect and reverse engineer Capsuleer technology so that the Triglavian’s could rapidly adapt and use New Eden technology against its own citizens during their invasion?

Jesus christ, slow down, you’re tripping on your own feet enough as it is. In Order:

1: The Triglavians are older than the Drifters, and probably far more developed. Whatever the Drifters are, they as a civilization have existed for less than a decade. Their technology, based on the ideas we have, is extremely advanced but perhaps not fully under their control, so while we don’t really understand how their ships are made or how they work, their ship-building options are probably rather limited (never mind getting the resources for the stuff). The Triglavians, on the other hand, have a well-established society within the Abyss, and have had thousands of years to dig their heels in, set up chains of industry, and pump out fleets. It’s a game of numbers, not technological superiority.

2: This thing about “connection” between Trigs and other races is… sort of a non-issue? Of course there aren’t any Jove ships in the Abyss, there haven’t been any in the rest of New Eden in years, since the Jove left. As an aside, Triglavians refer to the Sansha as “Hivelinked Foreigners”, so that alone dispels the idea of any non-agressive connection between them.

3: We don’t know how large the Abyss is, but considering how perilous it is to explore, and how long the Triglavians have been there, they probably don’t need an Exploration ship, since all the exploring within the Abyss, difficult though it is, has already been done. If they still have an Exploration-based design lying around, I guess we’ll see it if they pull it out of the mothballs to show to us? Furthermore, from what we understand, protecting a ship from the effects of the Abyss is done by messing with its warp drive to create a protective field. Abyssal Filaments do this to Capsuleer ships for exactly 20 minutes, though the Triglavians may be able to do this on a more permanent basis. Pre-damaged ships in the Abyss, by the way, is something we’re still struggling to explain in-universe.

4: This is the part where I just flat-out explain the Jove Disease, since you really don’t have any idea how it works. It’s not an actual disease, or a virus, it’s a genetic/neurological condition. It kills most Jove clones as they’re being created, yes, but the primary effect is that it afflicts grown Jove with permanent, near-crippling suicidal depression. Not even joking. Also, the Triglavians left New Eden before the Jove Disease began, and nobody from New Eden saw them until last year.

And as for that last speculation about an “Adaptive Virus”… no, I highly doubt that.