Complete login failure

Since DT I’ve been trying to login to eve and I keep getting a login failure. Also trying to sign in to the support page has failed. The only thing I’ve been able to login to is the forums.

EDIT: seems to be fixed now

I have been trying to log into EVE for days now. I can launch the EVE client but when I try and load my character I wait 5 min then a box pops up and say’s “the socket was closed”. I filed a bug report, still no answer.

Never had this problem ever.
Since last update the game have become a joke. Socket blabla in worst session
over 50 times.

So it will most likely only be training character from here and out, and when that gets impossible well there are other games without this problem.

I play on a Mac and can’t log in with launcher it’s been almost a week with no end in site. previously wine would start and then game , now wine never starts and I can’t get on …eve sent post about checking and unchecking boxes in preferences and deleting files in shared cache , nothing I even deleted game and reinstalled it…getting no where, and not getting any help…??? what do I do…??? where can I go???

where can I go???

Go here,

what do I do…???

File a support ticket. Copypasta within that thread.

Read all the threads about this same issue. Try, close launcher, open launcher, insert incorrect login details, then correct login details. Now you can login? Launch the game. Now you will get the Black Screen, and eventually, a Socket Closed message, and client will die.

Please, file a support ticket.