[COMPLETED] Daily Downtime Extension - 15.09.2020

IT guy here, love this :slight_smile:

ahaha, apologists for prolonged suffering had inner suffering ?! smart guys…

the excuses lol

I wonder how ccp plans to repay us for our patience

Thank You. We know things happen


That’s what she said :stuck_out_tongue:

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killing spree only 2500SP? You forgot to add one more null at the end for the waiting :rofl:

You are aware that CCP upgraded from Hamsters to water buffalo over 18 months ago as the hamsters were not providing enough torque for the new generators, but the handler has just been diagnosed with Covid 19 and has had to self isolate, so servers wont be up for 14 days.

I’ve eaten horse in England. If you’ve ever had a Findus lasagne, so have you.

Thank you CCP for the awesome work you done <3

@CCP_Dopamine you might want to check the DB because i logged in and experienced an issue with a ship in space not correctly spawning where it was when the server went down, i’ve sent in a petition regarding the issue #1378298 so you can look in to it, has some information on where the ship should have been and where it ended up

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yep and since i am paying the service i want the service to be good

since this one is not the case i have the right to complaint, hoping to get a better service

Cool, i wonder what happened with update tho. Storytime?

falcon yahoo


lol. 36 whole minutes. Chill the hell out, man, the hamsters needed to take a crap.

Скажите, EVE по-прежнему не доступна?

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