[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/07/14

For those cheap abyssal PVP filament ?!

  • NEVER!!! No feeling in piloting cheap T1 ships.

If they thought this would interested most of abyssal PVP runner, well CCP took the wrong turn, exception for Torvald, most of people running abyssal PVP now, won’t run them after the patch!


We have paid enough to have the right to keep this content ! (20T+ in lost ships/pods)

500 PLEX * 2,664 millions = 1,332b
20$ US for 500 PLEX.
20T / 1,332B = 15384
15384 * 20$ = 307 680 $

307 680$ US

  • this is far enough to keep it and support it. Has you only patch it twice in 2 years.

15 min not bad. 30 min better then expected. they are a large network that has everything timed to a second. they need to teach the VA in the US how to plan… as long as they communicate i am happy.

and another one

For the case you didnt see Hawks post on the Devblog thread, please take it serious before removing current proving conduits!

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Downtime used to routinely be 30 mins.

It is no problem really; however, complaining about this is a real first-world issue.

15 minutes is far less than an hour, but then, it is 2020, not 2007. What was okay-ish in 2007 is wildly inadequate in 2020. I am much more dissatisfied with 1 second Destiny ticks. A 1 second granularity (make it 2 for most back-and-forth client-server things) in a real-time game in 2020 is hardly satisfying.

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wesh wesh !!!

I can not enter the game tells me that my accounts are not associated and puts this

Be sure to click the prompt above to login to the EVE Online launcher.

Trouble logging in? Try clicking retry below, or restart your launcher to check for updates and try logging in again. You can also contact our support team if you require further assistance.

I think you have to reconsider when to do those updates and don’t make them during a prime EU time, but on the lowest pick. In the long run 2 breaks\week every week will screw up people, at least i can speack for myself, i can handle 1 but 2 in 5 days i can play is a tad too much

It’s not P2W, but feel free to buy a bunch of plex and sell them for billions of isk to buy your whole alliance ships. Nope, definitely not P2W.

lol, the amount of plex you’d have to buy to actually mean anything in that scenario would cost thousands and thousands of dollars. And even then it means nothing if your alliance doesn’t have good FC’s.

The largest package you can buy will easily net you 40 bil…, enough for a supercarrier, yeah, you’re not gonna “win all of eve”, but OLGA_RIGA can still buy her big ship, although she’ll have to buy, what, 4 of those to get a titan?

well TECNICALY u can buy a full fitted ship for LP but is just t1 and doesnot work the efort XD

In a sense it is - you buy plex (a lot of it granted), sell plex for isk, buy injectors and ship+fit, done. Is that not P2W in a way?

Granted you’d have to have a lot of real world money to dump on the game in order to buy enough plex to fly things like Nyx’s and such but yeah it can be bought using real world money is all I’m saying.

CCp have any plans for the rolle bonus for the edecom?
or just made the same thing like the zirnitra? just a dread even worst than moros?

if u dont have no idea how i have one just make copy page the role bonus of the guristas ships
250% bonus damage small, medium, largue
it was a good work in that ship but IS JUST DAM USELES

We have started the deployment of our monthly release (Version 18.07) and expect Tranquility to be accepting connections by 11:30 UTC at the latest. In the meantime, you can read today’s patch notes.

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very noice :slight_smile:


P2W in the majority means getting an overpowered thing with irl money on the shop that nobody else can through ingame means and without spending a cent. Anyone can get the same things, granted it takes time depending on the objective, but this is by far not P2W, its Pay 2 Progress.

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