[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 29.10.2020

Good day, everyone,

We have another extended downtime coming our way this week that will take place tomorrow, Thursday, 29 October to carry out work with our hardware. We expect the maintenance to completed by 12:00 UTC at the latest, but if things run well we will start accepting connections to the Tranquility server sooner.

As always, I will be providing you with updates in this thread and via EVE Status Twitter account.




We have a green light and Tranquility is ready for all the Pilots to resume their daily activities. Have fun!

The work on our hardware is going well and graphs are looking promising. We are doing a series of checks before Tranquility starts accepting connections. Stay put!

Good day, everyone,

The extended downtime has begun and we are expecting to be back by 12:00 UTC. You can view today’s patch notes here and read more about all the Halloween activities in this news article.


Would have been nice to have a server countdown my ship better not be blow up!!

Or… Dock up before downtime :slight_smile:


is it to finally fix ice spawn? @CCP_Dopamine

no he literally said:

to carry out work with our hardware

“Here is where we update you on the extended downtime, what we will not be doing is telling you why there is extended downtime, or what we’re doing. Something something hardware. Thanks for checking in, don’t come back.”

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Awesome. Nice to know that I’m not the only one that has to work on “their hardware” from time to time :slight_smile: Be kind to the hamsters!

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hamster finally got new food dispenser !


When are we getting the pumpkin icon wrecks?

Only on the 31st?

There is with the notice lol :wink:

New hardware
new EVE server


Probably silly noob question, but: What time does downtime usually start?

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Never mind, I found old post mentioning “Downtime will commence at the usual time of 11:00 UTC”.

the cluster shutdown countdown you mean , the countdown thats already there

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more a meme than anything sorry you didnt catch on it :wink: (tho i rly want to know when they gonna fix the ice spawn i havent had ice spawn in 17j of me since the patch and i use to have 1 per system near me for 5 jump)

Folks, at least they are telling us IN ADVANCE!

Few years ago, they just extended the DT and never told us. This is progress.

Oh, Cats Rule


Still super poor experience from 19:00 to 22:00 !!

  • Everything is slow !

Buying stuff and shaking asset like a Pepsi machine that doesn’t want to give you the Pepsi you just bought!! Wormhole appearing 10-20s after you warp on the field. Slow scan result with probe, Did I train acquisition skill for nothing? Slow respond, losing cycle of gun while doing abyss because the gun still shooting a dead target, but respond is so much slow, we most lost at least 10 to 20 shot per room. and ETC… ETC … ETC …

I just leave the game within that time frame since its unplayable.

  • And I am not saying the game is perfect outside that frame, still slow, but less issue !

When are you merging bug report and support center?

  • Thing needs to change has the way your introducing patch is worst then even. You need to be able to quickly fix all those new bug your introducing. Fixing bug should be quicker or release patch should be slower with more quality code.
  • We are bored of working twice, and since we don’t heard of bug report, no feedback, well a lot of player aren’t doing them at all! Reimburse my things and close the ticket!
  • Reminder -> We are here to play!

ccp fix bugs and not just make them worse as for testing they have not done that worth a crap since at least dec of last year

I disagree : This is 12 year of EVE gaming.

Also the super slow respond on support center , confirm all this.

  • If you try to fix ONE single thing and blow up the rest of the universe. is it bug fixing?