[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 4 May 2022


Very minor client update today.

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When updates for eve portal?

Tranquility is back online accepting connections. Have fun out there o7


When you are cloaked near the Data Event site, and it de Spawns, it De Cloaks you


Thanks :smiley:

Given the date, this is appropriate

falcon yahoo

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Extended DT gives me a chance to have a shower AND make a fresh cup of tea, without missing anything! :smiley:

Tea in the shower? Never tried that.

Might have to get the umbrella and welly boots.

My advice… don’t try to operate electrical devices in the shower… the outcome is “suboptimal”.

After restart, The ESI location services are timing out.

This breaks my mapping tools.

I’m sad.


“error”: “Timeout contacting tranquility”,
“timeout”: 10

PS> Get-EveEsiStatus|ft|egrep -i "red|yellow"
esi-location-protobuf         get    /characters/{character_id}/location/                            red    {Location}

Endpoint and route is up, just it cannot get to TQ by the looks of it. If the endpoint was down it be blackholed from the spec and status route.

Cloaked is down.
Red is dead
Yellow is… dono
Green is good

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Не работает карта, которая привязана через ESI API

ESI characters/{character_id}/location/ still down. Any ETA on restoring it?

It’s the ESI Meta API, see here Extended downtime - #13 by Emotional_Support_Clown and EVE Swagger Interface

Yeah all those manuals, the checklists they reach for when SHTF moment basically are to keep them calm whilst they perform the unorderly collapse/crash/end.

Yeah, got one of those instant aggress and kill spawns; lost a Proteus.
Should always remember to let a new CCP event sit and “develop” for a couple of days to get the worse bugs out.

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And least ye all forget when a “downtime” could and did end up being 2 days. Count your lucky starship pixels those days are gone. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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