Complexity. AUTZ Small gang Corp [C2 with Nullsec / C5 statics]

Complexity. is actively recruiting more AU members that are interested in small gang PVP. We are a small group of friends that are committed to a PVP focused corp with zero drama and politics. We roam daily out of the NS static to generate our own content. If we don’t like whats on offer we roll until we find decent content.

We live in a fully setup C2 with a NS/C5 static.

Activity Times:

  • Weekdays: AUTZ (0700 - 1400 Eve time). Into EUTZ with the alliance.
  • Weekends: Extended.

What we offer:

  • We roam every day without exception.
  • Experienced small gang pilots willing share knowledge.
  • Actually Decent AUTZ content.
  • Laid back / no political ■■■■■■■■ environment.


  • Self-sufficient ISK source. (Aka comfortable losing the ships you fly)
  • Comfortable in a small gang PvP environment.
  • Willingness to improve.
  • Good sense of humour
  • Ability to handle banter.
  • 1 Subcap PvP pilot.
  • 1 Scanning alt. ( Must train into a DST if you don't have a DST pilot )
  • A decent amount of SP (no minimum, exceptions can be made)


  • Ceptor or Boosher alt.
  • DST alt.
  • Can multibox like a wizard.

​If this sounds like it is for you, please check out the links to our KB and public discord channel below or feel free to contact us in game. - EJ Corp Review



Still Looking for more feeders.

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