Hello All

We been around now as a corp since 2006. All vet players looking for a good 0.0 alliance.
We have ISK, Supers, Caps etc but we also have real lives so the corp isn’t always super active due to being in alliances that haven’t been in our TZ, but we are now looking to rebuild. We’ve had a percent decent past, fought in most of the wars etc etc.

We just looking or some good guys to hang with and make some explosions. What you are getting is experience and some chill none drama dudes

We are UK/EU TZ so we want a place that’s active in these TZ.

Hit me up via eve mail or in game.


Is the corp 13 years old? Or is it just a corp full of 13 year olds?? Hard to tell these days.

it’s 13 yrs old if it’s the one I know of it was in slyce a while back now in lords of worlds it looks like
not sure what they’re looking for at 27 members. I’d like to see more info on why they are looking for a new alliance and what caused them to leave their other ones.


Check out vindictive Alliance part of winter coalition at war in the south if that is what you are looking for.


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