Compressed Ore Margin Trading

Hey all,

I was going to add this feature to my trade website, but I figured it would be easier to share this simple spreadsheet instead.

What’s the trade?

I’ve made quite a bit of profit buying ore directly from trade hubs running them to my compression unit and then hauling them back to sell direct to buyers. It simply takes advantage of the discrepancy in price between the uncompressed and compressed ores.

I’ve made anywhere from 15-50mil per run, which is quite lucrative if you only have to jump a few times back and forth. So that’s roughly 4-10mil per jump.

Anyway… How does it work?

Copy the spreadsheet to your own drive. Then just enter your:

  • Broker Fee
  • Sales Tax
  • Carrying Capacity
  • Trade Hub Name (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, Hek)
    • This will do a VLOOKUP on the Region/Station IDs automatically on the table below

From there it will tell you how many of the uncompressed ore you can carry in a run. So you purchase that ore, run it over to your compression array, compress it and then sell it back to the buy orders at the station.

Ensure that there is enough quantity of the buy/sell orders respectively.


It’s an excellent spreadsheet; however I most address a flaw in your calculation when converting ore into Compressed, compression rate is 100:1 (100 ore = 1 compressed ore), in your spread sheet you use the formula


this yields inaccurate results when it doesn’t yield an integer, so to fix this you should be using this formula (see below), this will discard any decimal-places and return an integer.


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Good catch – Thanks & Fixed.


nice sheet although it should be said that the amount of uncompressed ore in the market at trade hubs is usually not very large - sometimes there is enough for a freighter load…


Correct. Typically the high sec ore has enough volume to sell.

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