Compressing ore

(Pip Herra) #1

unable to compress ore in a raitaru

(Steve Ronuken) #2

Does it have the appropriate service module (Standup Reprocessing Facility I) ? is it online?

(Pip Herra) #3

yes, its worked for months prior to the patch. and it has fuel too

(Krysenth) #4

are you able to reprocess the ore? if not, you probably no longer have access to that service.

(Pip Herra) #5

yes. its my raitaru and ive tried with a few different toons

(Krysenth) #6

the only thing i can think of then, is you’re trying to compress from a ship cargo, NOT station hangar.

(Pip Herra) #7

that didnt work either :frowning:

(Pip Herra) #8

but i item hanger instead of corp hanger it did. but the corp hanger used to always work

(Algarion Getz) #9

Mimic mentioned that the corp hangar code was changed.