Computer hangs on exit

Hi Folks,

Recently returned to Eve from a long time away. Having an issue that I don’t see others posting about, so I’m guessing it’s just me, but thought I would post and see if anyone else has similar issues.

This issue is amplified by the connection lost issue from another thread.

Whenever I exit Eve, there’s a good chance the game will hang, and hang my computer along with it. The two ways I have exited eve are:

  1. I get an error stating my connection is lost suddenly. The error has a “Quit” button at the bottom. Pressing the button does nothing and I can’t do anything with my computer. (Ctrl-alt-del, ctrl-esc, alt-tab all do nothing) I have to then power off my PC and start it up again. This happens 100% of the time when I get the connection error.

  2. I exit intentionally by hitting esc and pressing the log off button. Sometimes this works, but most often I have the exact same lock up requiring a power off/on.

I can avoid this by playing the game in Window mode, rather than full screen. I don’t seem to get the connection error in Window mode, and log off works every time. I would really like to play in full screen, however.

Anyone else?


EDIT: No idea why my post comes out looking all messed up like this

Don’t start your paragraph with multiple “spaces” (spacebar) :slight_smile:

Gotcha, indentation is not your friend on the Eve forums :wink:

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