Crash on logout

So I’m not 100% sure if this is a launcher issue or a gem issue (so please move if need be)
But when logging out from the came everything freezes and I have to restart my computer.

my launcher is downloaded from steam so I have uninstalled from steam and then reinstalled but still no cigar. though I am not entirely sure as to what was uninstalled upon doing that.

I am running a windows 10 laptop with intel I7 and geforce gtx 970m graphics.


Same issue

Solved for me - If I go to the display options and change the display to Window Mode and then exit by “X’ing” out (top right), it closes fine. I like playing in full screen, so I have to switch it back and forth, which is annoying, but at least my PC isn’t freezing anymore when I log out.

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same issue.

running windows 10, laptop, intel i7 and gtx 1080m. also playing fullscreen.

same issue.
running windows 10, laptop, intel i5, gtx960. playing fullscreen

Same issue.

Windows 10
Core i7 Intel NUC
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB M.2 SSD
Fullscreen mode

That’s not solved, that’s a workaround. But thanks for the tip. I’ll do the same until the problem is fixed.

Same issue

on both of my windows 10 machines - one client I downloaded via steam, the other without steam

Same issue.
Win 10

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Yes, I get the same thing. Forget the login issues. What about the chronic logout issues?

My current procedure is to always windows key back to the OS and close the Eve client manually.

Same problem same stats. please help fix this.

Same issue.

Same issue here on trying to use the ‘logout’ button in game. I’ve switched to Windowed mode and ALT+TAB to re-gain the Windows Taskbar.

From there I end the process ungracefully. If I don’t it actually locks up the entire computer (in game screen frozen) and I have to hard reset the laptop.

17" Laptop Machine.

Intel I7
Nvidia GeForce 970M

Latest drivers for the machine don’t seem to make a difference.

Same issue here, only recently been experiencing it.

Will occur when i log off, when i enter a new ship, and when i change between apps (ALT/TAB)

I am also experiencing this with 100% repro rate.

I am also experiencing this daily. Windows 10, nvidia 950m. all drivers up to date, playing in fullscreen. can happen when running one client.

I also have this issue on my laptop. reported it to ccp but they just recomended to revert to last win10.
After this last eve update it randomly minimize the client and i have to rebot

Similar here…me and my girlfriend both play…we have the same laptops(Alienware R15 R3 1050ti etc)…with in the last 7-10 days the game has become choppy. the last 2 days,we both have experienced drop in fps, lag, lock ups, crashes and the random minimizing of the game. Each instance requires the laptop to be rebooted.
on a few occations, logging out will freeze the laptop for a few seconds.
Thank you

Same here. Everytime I log off, my computer crashes …