[CONCLUDED] 2019/03/28 - Live AMA With CCP Hellmar!

I recently redid the Pirate Epic Mission Arcs in null. I think that is some of the best content we have to nudge new players out of highsec, FW is a similar system. So those systems should get some love to help our new bros.


pipe down miner

We plan to continue to develop abyssal space. BS Abyssal sounds like a great thing for the economy :wink:


How difficult would it be to create a corporate stock market - where corps could sell off their stock on the open market in exchange for stockholders receiving dividends from the tax rate? Would allow more players to be involved with the actions of large corps as well as introduce a neat speculation “minigame”.


@CCP_Hellmar have you guys considered allowing neutral logi to be applied to someone with an LE while the logi pilot and the person he’s logi’ing are in the same corp when there is no war involved? I ask this because the logi change coming next month is going to kill huge swaths of gameplay for suspects.

If you have indeed considered it, and are not planning on implementing the change in this way, why would you not? It’s pushing pretty much everyone who’s suspect into either suicide ganking or (get this) massive war-dec blocks (ironic right?).

We over did it last year when it came to PLEX promotions. We are going to slow the ■■■■ down for now.

Thank you for your kind words.


We have the example from China to learn from. The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing :wink:


Me :grin:


Are there some stats to where a newbro engages in PVP fighting for the first time in his career (voluntary or not) ?

I think most of usdid the mistake and jumped a lowsec gate and got killed. So Lowsec is actually the first contact point of PVP for a lot of players. i personally think that Lowsec should be the next focus for any extended NPE. This ties in with a focus on FW beeing the next big overhaul after the 64Bit Client and the removal of POS code.


Hi, Hilmar!

First question; rumor has it you’ve enjoyed the Discourse! If there was any one thing you’d improve to bring its production standards closer to the Scope, what would it be?

Second question; will it ever be possible to earn positive standings with the Drifters, Triglavians, Rogue Drones, etc?



+1 for putting FW at the front of the queue.

Please consider youself lobbied, and thanks for this ama, appreciated.


Hey guys,

Our hour is up and CCP Hellmar has had to head off to do serious spaceships business stuff.

Just dropping this post to let you guys know that there won’t be any more immediate responses to questions right now.

I’ll leave this thread open for a few more hours, then I’ll close it, and we’ll get answers to the rest of the questions in it over the course of the next few days for you guys!

Thanks for all the questions, awesome stuff! :heart:

Remember also that CCP Hellmar will be making an appearance on Talking in Stations in an hour or so to chat more about EVE and this AMA.

Be sure to tune in!


Thank you for the succinct answer’s CCP Hellmar, I appreciate the time you have taken to answer our questions o7.


Oh and LOGI on Killmails …when?


Convenient :unamused:

I love the effort to objectively analyse eve’s systems based on data, so I hope that this is not just a temporary phase cause “data analysis” was the flavor of the month.

Thanks for taking the time to actually interact with the community directly.

How about making this an annual thing? :smiley:

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I don’t even run missions much, but has any thought been given to making each corporation have some special clothing/SKINs/items unique to them, or at a better rate than others? I mean, one would expect Creodron to offer more and cheaper drone related items than Quafe…


Hi Hellmar!

Will Faction Warfare ever get some love / an overhaul, it was designed for Solo / Small Gang PvP but it is being treated as farming grounds because it doesn’t reward players for their own achievements but only that of the whole which is being abused.

Is Solo / Small Gang Pvp important, or is Eve heading in the 10 000 vs 10 000 direction only.

One other thing, will there be any community competitions like when the community got a chance to design attack battle cruiser’s, would be amazing to be able to contribute.

Thanks for this great game o7.


@CCP_Hellmar, this might be more for game designers/devs, but I would like to hear your thoughts on the topic of bumping? so as it is right now the player has no risk involved when bumping a target. I remember, I think it was, CCP Fozzie who mentioned some possibility of maybe setting a 3min timer before the victim would ignore such collisions, it was years ago and no promises was made but still would like to see some form of risk imposed on the one bumping.

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Thanks for the awesome answers! :heart: :rocket: :sun_with_face:

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