Concord Changes

Sure, but if High Sec were actually vastly safer, then it wouldn’t matter that there were those extra factors, it would be very obvious high sec was orders of magnitude off. However the numbers we have show that high sec is not orders of magnitude different in destruction.

Yes it isn’t easy to run exact numbers, I’m not disagreeing there. But the sheer fact we can’t tell at a glance says that high sec is not orders of magnitude safer than null, which says that the risk/reward is out of balance as a result, because the reward is orders of magnitude different.

It very much is a straight comparison.

Null Ship loss, to high sec ship loss is the point that is being made, both you are nevyn are dancing around declaring yourselves “wrong” because you debate for the sake of attention and being right.

Anyone playing this game for any decent period of time knows high sec is dangerous. Null is significantly safer, due to large coalition blocks and intel channels. in fact out side of wars and that lot, its down right difficult to die if you dont afk and pay attention to intel. there is even software that has been created to improve the safety of null.

lets not pretend like high sec is safe, because its not.

Yes you are. Open your eyes to “NPC and pirate kills in 24 hours” That is kills for npcs.

“Player ship deaths are not tracked on anything but killboard”.

That’s more of a philosophical view on what the game design intends. If CCP had an issue with it, I’m sure they would change it, but I’ve never seen anywhere explained that they believe there is necessarily meant to be orders of magnitude difference in raw numbers.

75% of characters are in highsec compared to 13% in nullsec.

5-6 times more characters in highsec and the data still needs to be manipulated by ignoring a source of destruction in null, to claim they are similar (and I don’t know that claiming they are is valid, because that’s a very difficult thing to do).

So per character, null is 5-6 times more deadly from that, but I don’t believe that conclusion either, becuase the data doesn’t allow a straight comprison because the mix of PVE to PVP loss isn’t constant.

It’s just not an easy thing to analyse.

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Yeah, I’ve played since 2004, with a break after the first 4 years and returned in 2012. I think highsec is safe the way it is.

It doesn’t cotton wrap lazy play, but that’s perfectly fine in my view.

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As a prodigy designer, I highly disagree.
As a player who has been here since 2003, I also do not agree.

Abuse of high sec players has long been an issue in eve. The recent changes to war mechanics has significantly helped this, but we still have the issue of high security enities like code that exploit and get around mechanics to abuse high sec players.

high security space should be a safe haven, and a place to learn the game. These types of actions should be shifted to either low (which i am also against) or null IMMEDIATELY. This is of the upmost importance for eve right now.

People should leave high sec for glory, and isk. I believe high sec’s isk gain rates are also highly abusive they make the game feel highly taxing. This is probably one of the other major reasons for bad retention rates.

Low, Null and wormhole entities should coax players out of high sec for even higher isk gain rates or potentially unique avenues. For example, gas industry is something i’d love to see more active in all of eve equally as common as ore. Might be interesting if eve’s ships had to run on gas instead of boosters for additional buffs, and then gas become worked into that.

The point is that while i am ambition with making gas something more consistent in eve’s game play and have much more exposure, it could be one of the many “coaxing” options to enter null and wormhole space.

This is how eve should be set up. you get players out of high sec for more isk and more things to do. You leave high sec for ore mining (placing gas and ice in the other security regions), Missions, incursions. Faction wars should be low sec based alone.

In short, high sec should not be a place for all these suicide, scamming baddies. It should be a place that is safe and enjoyable that feeds those actions in low, and nullsec etc

You haven’t been. Look at your posting history and your very first post here on 18 February.

Lying then or lying now. Either way, it’s difficult to believe someone that claims one day to be a new player and then another day, to have been here since 2003.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter that you have a different opinion. Your previous claim that any player with decent experience will view highsec as dangerous - it only needs one person that doesn’t agree (me), for that statement to be incorrect.





You made me laugh out load, good one.

ah, another grr codey here i see…

This already exists. Its called Starter systems. And new players are not allowed to be ganked or scammed in these systems.


You are down right challenged, arnt you? Are you actually trying to judge my time in eve by the this accounts life span? Welcome to eve, where people have more then one account.

You debate like nevyn, Obviously an alt.

by the way Looks like your wrong again

with all the troll on forums, had to get some in.

Really thought, I am a prodigy designer :wink:

Um, no. By your words, not your character.

To quote you exactly:

Your words, not mine.

In addition, nothing in your post history indicates you really have any sort of veteran understanding of the game.

However, I’m happy to be proven wrong. Post with your 2003 character. That will show me.

Wrong on what exactly? About the distribution of characters in the game?

Here are CCP’s figures:


I see what your trying to do, bait ignored.

Post on your 2003 character and prove me wrong.


Easily done, but im not required to do so, so kindly pod yourself and be on your way.

Impossible since you don’t have a 2003 born character.

I have no problem podding myself. It’s just a clone. So also, go take your lies elsewhere.


From 2013, to 2014. We are in 2019, half a decade later with half the population of eve gone. Try again.

Metric data i posted was from last month, so… Fail much?


So are your ideas and justifications for them


you didn’t post metric data. You posted a visualisation.

The distribution of characters hasn’t suddenly shifted by any great margin, and that is the most recent view of the distribution we have. I’d love some updated data, but many people still playing now as back then don’t see that it has changed significantly. People have left the game from all sectors of space.

That is true, but they are backed by 17 years as a developer, and about the same time in eve as a vet. So from that alone hold more weight.

besides, you really have no real argument against them.

Psst, the picture you posted… Psst, bottom… dates.
Fail much?

saved for later