Concord Changes

If it’s easy to post on your 2003 character, just do it. Then you’ll prove to us all that you are right and I’m wrong.


I am now flagging off topic conversation, as this is not part of the topic.

You don’t need to save it. It is a CCP posted image. Anyone here when this was posted by CCP, would remember this.

It very much is part of the topic. You claimed that any player who’s been here for a decent time, would agree with your world view and in backing that up, you are claiming to be an original player from 2003.

The issue is tied to the credibility of what you write, because you have nothing in your post history that suggests you know much about anything in the game, nor that you have memories that go back far into the past of the game. You aren’t an original player and since that shows you up to be a liar, nothing personal you write as evidence to support your claims, can be taken as anything but a fabrication.

There’s no need to be a liar. We all start the game at different times and being a new player is fine. But claiming to be one of the original players of EVE when you aren’t - deserves no respect at all.


What are you basing this on?

If the ideas I’ve seen you post so far are any indication, you haven’t learned much in 17 years, from either being a developer OR about Eve. You talk very highly of yourself, but with zero understanding of what you are saying or the systems you are arguing to change. When people have given you evidence that contradicts your arguments, you simply choose to ignore them because you as a “developer” know better.

Until your name starts with CCP or there is a working 3rd party -program for Eve with your name on it, your history as a developer means just as much as what you think of any critical comments of your ideas, absolutely nothing.


I have been playing eve since 1999. Therefore my words hold the most weight.


All i hear from people like you is “you dont know what your talking about” Type lines, and all that comes from your argumentation that it should not be done is either “its a bad idea” or “these metrics from 5 years ago i dont even know what mean, means why we should not have this change done”

that statement means absolutely nothing. Its sorta like saying doctors dont know how to fix people when they visit medical forums to give medical advise. same situation, different profession. Your just another kid here arguing for the sake of being right, and like the rest of the minimatar slaves here on forums, you will be ignored like one. slave whining really is not my thing, go build ducktape ships or something.

Yet all we hear from you is that you are a “prodigy designer” and an original 2003 player.

Not a shred of evidence for either and plenty of evidence to suggest you are lying about both.


The thing is, you wouldn’t trust a doctor who tells that to fix a broken leg, you need a year of psychotherapy, because healing your mind will heal your bone.

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■■■■ this noise Concord and low security space is fine the way it is we don’t need a ■■■■ it up

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This guy has some serious issues. Just look at his posting history.

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Nope looks like he is increasing them. Eight seconds in a 0.9 system is an increase form the current ~6 seconds. Same with a 0.8 system at 12 vs. the current 7 seconds.


And what evidence of this do you have. CCP Rise presented on ganking and its effect on new players and one of the findings was that <1% of players were ganked in their first 15 days. That alone surprised them as it was a common trope that new players are being ganked out of the game.

Of course the idea is rather laughable. How many players have anything of much value in their ships at 15 days or less of age? Not many. Ganking is generally a for profit business.

Once again you demonstrate your lack of knowledge of the game.

Indeed. If you are a station trader, do invention, move cargo around for ISK, do PI, mine, etc. there is no de novo ISK creation and thus no issue with inflation.

Also correct, and CCP has introduced something that can address this. PLEX. A new player buying PLEX with his CC and then selling it to an older rich player will help with that inequality. To what extent it works I don’t know. I would love it if CCP provided us with some analysis on this though…

What about the 0.5? I thought it was a little longer than that at present. Still, not very much different if at all.

While they did, they also didn’t say anything about eliminating people who never undocked or never got out of a rookie system from those stats, so that 1% figure wasn’t a very useful figure in those regards, since we have no idea how many of the 99% had quit before they ever entered an area where it was even possible to get ganked.
And considering CODE have run several ‘gank the ventures’ competitions, newbie ventures certainly do get ganked.

Not that I think it is likely to be a huge problem even then, but those figures and assumptions do miss some key points.

Thats because they are alpha state players, and if you gank them you violate the EULA and will get banned. Everyone knows you dont mess with the new players, the help chats, or the rookie channels or this (ban) will happen.

This is a BS statistic, like many that ccp tries to pedal (just like their “scamming is good for players and helps keeps retention up”). They are stats that are intended in modifying the way people think, because ccp does not have the gull to actually put money into fixing the game (which is why the population is dropping and has been since 2011 not to mention the hordes of problems in eve’s design, which is subjected to player abuse).

Ccp avoids these points or dispatches CSM goonies who dont know the shady truths about ccp’s practices to hide the truth, so ccp can save money on development resources.

That’s true, but the idea that the statistic is more than an order of magnitude given the number of players they selected I don’t think is very realistic. I’m going to guess that even if we controlled for these things we wouldn’t much difference.

Dude, the presentation was in 2015 before Alphas were even on the radar. Further, the anti-ganking rule for new players is in starter systems. Once a “new player” ventures out beyond the starter system he/she is fair game.

Nice example of motivated reasoning. “I don’t like the result, therefore I’ll simply dismiss it.” Well done.

Considering the recent changes to war decs you are simply talking out of your sphincter.

I see what your trying to do with your alt, not gona work.

My alt?

I think they think you are my alt actually.

Goddamn…now that’s funny. :rofl:

Oh ■■■■…did my replying this fast implicate us? :thinking: