Concord Changes

It’s either we are alts or we both camp the forums on our computers and phones because we are bored… Can’t tell which

I’m finishing up a glass of scotch then off to bed…wait, am I your alt or you my alt?

Or are we all Chribba alts… and our lives an illusion.


Overall: no. What you’re proposing wouldn’t “push PVP into the belts”, it would simply allow for safer travel through losec. Well, at least it would until losec pirates adopted suicide ganking tactics just like their hisec bretheren already use. All your change would do is make losec more like hisec, which is the very last thing losec needs.

You made a claim, Scipio questioned it. Basic logic dictates that the burden of proof is on you in this instance. So unless you do actually provide some proof of having played since 2003, anyone who cares is perfectly justified in dismissing that claim out of hand. I’d suggest sticking to the merits of your ideas instead of trying (badly) to argue from a position of authority.

I have to applaud you, never before has one person been able to get so many players, who disagree with each so often, to agree with each other so many times.


I thought you’re my alt? :frowning:

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Putting this here as well, to make sure everyone is aware of the OP.

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Nitshe alt detected…



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