Concord/faction fish swarm?

Was travelling around doing stuff, and at one of gates noticed this high amount of npcs (customs major, concord etc.). First time i see that many. What’s that? Some manipulation? Or it’s default population at some systems?

Someone got ganked at that gate.

CONCORD will stay after a gank for a certain amount of time (idk how long), and the number of CONCORD ships spawned will depend on how many gankers where there, so if you see a sea of blue, that means a relatively big gank just happened.


It’s a common sight in Uedama and Niarja - both choke points on major trade routes. Where highsec pirates ply their trade.

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From what i remember, it was the day before yesterday either in Avyuh or Apanake, hmm. Now i’m curious to know what exactly happened.

Look up the system’s killboard and see if you can find the gank.

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Looks like a Scorpion Navy Issue got popped by CODE in Avyuh and a Leshak in Apanake according to zkillboard.

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