CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon Need a Buff

Hello everyone, you know, I wanted to comment on this more than anything because I have done a lot of concord beacons and the truth is that the reward for doing them is very low for the risk that is taken even using normal capital in which with many a couple of accounts in wh you can do like 3 b per hour, only stopping if you run out of anomalies, taking into account that you have to buy the beacon and it goes up a little more every day, it is very necessary to update the rat rewards or improve the loot dropped because 470m in 1:30h is really low for a thing that only can do 3 times in a day At least, if there is no change, let me do all the beacons I can

The 470m in 1:30 with a faction dread is what I calculated with 3 beacons every day of a month is the average without counting official rats, of course, but that is more luck than guarantee

I think in actually dangerous space like lowsec they should be buffed because running them there is way more dangerous :slight_smile:

It’s a hard balancing issue because buffing them means giving more ressources to the giant null empires that don’t need any ressources imo.

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Haha yeah, that is what people believe. Its not even close to the truth in the greater picture because you don’t count in all the preparation time and the failed times where your hole gets busted and you can call off the whole farming because Lazerhawks just rolled into your farming hole. Or that you got busted by some cloakycampers while rolling, them podding out 4 of your chars. Or that you log in and want to farm and overnight some russian crabfleet has erased your 20 Anomalies and you have zero of them left. Or you want to farm in your static, realizing it has 7 other exits you would need to close first. Then you roll a new one and it has an effect you can’t use. Then you roll the next one and it has only 3 Anos. Then your roll the next one and it is … Synde home with already Bubblers, scanners and T3 on Dscan coming over to you.

And even IF everything goes smooth and you actually can begin your farming, you have mutliple Marauders worth the price of a Supercap on the field and a new sig can spawn any minute, maybe a WH that someone ragerolled into you with a 30 Man Bustingfleet waiting behind. Sorry, but if you compare that to farming under an alliances CapitalUmbrella, you will find that krabbing in 0.0 is by far safer, easier, requires a lot less investment and can be done way more reliably. So the burst-income of HighClass WHs is absolutely justified for those moments you can actually grab it.

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how is this related to photon UI?

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marauder worth 60 b? in the air is not a really smart move bro i have a friend doing c5 with 4 marauders farming 2-3 b h with no many problems and each marauder is like 4 b o 5 b the hole control is easy so not many problem really only rent o evict a wh

Good for “your friend”. I live in WHs for years and trust me I know several guys who own (not rent) HighClass WHs with HighClass Statics. It is simply not true that you can do these 3b/hr stuff reliably every day for hours. It is simply not repeatable “on demand” for several reasons. You can achieve that, maybe once every some days, for a small timeframe of like 2 hours.
And thats it, still by far more dangerous and money invested than solo-krabbing in a (Faction)Dread under an Alliances Umbrella 3 times a day. Not even talked about the infrastructure costs (keeping up, defending and fueling stations in a WH, using multiple accounts + supporters). And because of that, it is no fair comparison to CONCORD beacons, which seem to pay pretty well for the effort and risk involved.

Edit: okay, maybe one exception: You can farm in a barely active timezone where absolutely no one from the big entities is active, then, with a bit of luck you can close up your farming hole and farm for hours undisturbed. But as I live in EUTZ, thats almost impossible, evening and early night here is among the most active TZ possible.

look like I was telling you, if you rent a wh it is much more profitable than having your own for the same reason, I mean it is not lucky that my friend can farm well, first thing the time zone is super important to rat but like in the whole game it is not the same rat at 10 eve than at 15 eve simply because of the amount of player that can bother you in the same way in a wh you have much more control of the number of people who enter and who do not and I tell you live under the Umbrella of an alliance does not make it safer, it is more a matter of seeing frat or pandemic that they have a tremendous umbrella, even so they lose a lots of capitals, that is, playing with a super per month, beacon or any capital, on average it is 20-30 b per month every days doing at least 3 beacons uninterruptedly, in wh you manage to do per month even if they interrupt you like 90 b although you have to have 4 accounts for it to work it is still cheaper than having a single good capital in the air or a super capital that is, the beacon pays very little for what you risk is more with thunderchild with less effort you do even more than the beacons doing only anomalies and that is really sad because you use capitals and 1 account in cyno if you want to have the possibility of survive so i think beacons need to be buff like the carrier too hehe but that is appart of the topic i present more capitals in the air more content be naturaly be generated

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