Concorded for shooting a war target wreck in hisec

(Lilliana Armand) #1

was at amarr trade hub and killed a war target…got concorded when i tried to destroy his wreck and i shouldn’t have was flashing red with the star of a war target…the messsage in my log says i even had my safeties on so why would i get concorded…refer to 2nd screen shot for the log fully opened up.

Session Info:
Character: Lilliana Armand (2112561448)
Solar System: Amarr (30002187)
Cohort IDs: 23
Reproduction Steps
was camping amarr undock and killed war target then went to destroy the wreck and got concorded refer to screenshot 2 for more info on my log

i have the bug report i sent and they referred me here

(Lilliana Armand) #2

found out her dropped corp right after we killed him and then i shot his wreck and got concorded…i’ll link the zkills here for him and me getting concorded

ship and pod of the war target

my concord death

(Lilliana Armand) #3

the wreck was still flashing red with the star when i targeted it and shot it

(Celise Katelo) #4

I wonder if he will rejoin the corp again, if so then its bloody sneaky tactic. Worth checking.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #5

Saw topic few days ago with similar problem. Maybe try to search for it as community says its bug. Maybe CCP write there something about it.

(Tipa Riot) #6

Interesting, did you use drones? Maybe he dropped corp during the one tick the drones needed from issuing the attack command (still legal) to actually shooting the target (illegal). Or some lag in corp drop recognition by crimewatch. Open a support ticket, this is a bug if your safety was on green/yellow.

(StonerPhReaK) #7

IIRC you cannot rejoin a corp you left that is at war for 7 days. I still think its a rather sneaky thing to do, the corp dropping concord trick. Considering you cant kick people while undocked they shouldn’t be able to drop corp while undocked either.