As may be quite public information by now, I caused quite a stir at a recent gathering when I brandished my blade at a security checkpoint… No-one asked why I suddenly pulled my weapon knowing I would be killed outside of my capsule by twenty armed guards. Rather, our egregious hosts merely banned from from the establishment and ask my apology…

I won’t. I won’t apologize purely because those questions were never asked. The cycle of turning a blind eye continues. It has become clear to me that even in the face of drastic measures the faithful and the megalomaniacs will never change.

So, my ‘manifesto’ of sorts:

The Intaki were always subject to strife, but new revelations have shown me that even outside the Gallente-Caldari warzone we are still not safe. Who condemns these slights against my people? Surely not the Amarr and their faithful who would pray and turn a blind eye in spite of this. Surely not the Caldari who would provide them the means to enslave us. Most assuredly not the Gallente, who still prevent the Syndicate their freedom to colonize despite no longer being citizens of the Federation. Even days later, not even my own colleagues and “friends” condemned them… No, I think the Ida monks are naive to seek help from the Federation. They would attempt to handle this peacefully by looking to those hedonistic fools for help. Moreover, I think they are naive to seek help from anyone.

So who would condemn the Kingdom and their ilk for such a slight? The same people who would take up the banner of the Intaki: No-one. They would all offer a liar’s promise to us. My time with those greedy bastards in the State convinced me that it was a place we could call home. I was wrong. In the days since, no-one in the Consortium has spoken about this… Waving a blade was not enough to motivate them to acknowledge their Intaki brother’s concerns… So perhaps more drastic measures are needed…


Failing to pass a security checkpoint is an odd way to try to start a discussion.


Hahaaa, knives. They’re funny because they’re dangerous to both stabber and stabee.


This certainly explains things.

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You act like an edgy teenager and it’s other people’s fault? You weren’t content to just throw a temper tantrum, you also had to threaten people with a weapon in the process. Maybe you should get some psychological help if you’re looking for someone to ‘ask the questions’, instead of the people you were threatening with armed violence.

The Kingdom’s known abuse of slaves is hardly something to turn a blind eye to, and the use of TCMCs on slaves is never justified. Some “idama” being the victim or not.

I’m sure the same people who have always opposed slavery would likewise oppose this particular instance of slavery. In fact, many of them would probably wonder why you never stood against it yourself until it became personal to you.


On the one hand, I have routinely expressed my concerns to the Kingdom’s practices, have loudly condemned illegal slaving, and in fact stated my position as an abolitionist. Dare I indeed support calls against the Holder in this instance.

On the other hand, you dared to bare a blade in the presence of something more precious to me than anything else. You dared to threaten violence upon individuals unrelated to any of this, and may have even supported you. How dare you, how dare you victimise yourself when you did so, and how dare you vaunt yourself upon these very forums doing so when you brought terror to a ten year old girls’ heart during a party where you were shown nothing but welcome and hospitality.

I will not forget your transgressions in front of my family lightly, Nomistrav, no matter how piously justified you feel your actions to have been.


And for the record you were invited to explain what had happened. Lady Karene Avarr asked you to put the knife away, and talk about what was going on. Don’t dare pretend you weren’t given ample opportunity to express what was going on.

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Nomistrav, I HIGHLY recommend you stop this public display, or you and I will have to have words.


I didn’t ask for a “manifesto” explaining why you were a loutish thug when you were a guest of your girlfriend at a social function. I also don’t really care. Normal people don’t wave blades to create dialogue. Lady Avarr to her credit, did try to de-escalate and have a dialogue anyway. In response, you acted like a petulant over-grown child in a full blown temper tantrum and placed others at risk. Don’t come back.


My dear Nomi. You know what my stance on this is display of yours.
Still for your sake may live to see a better time for the Intaki.

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You call that a blade?


Yeah, your concerns are legit, I’d even say your response of armed confrontation was legit. No, you do not have to stand alone. There are a lot of us who are trying to fight back against the horrors of slavery, so saying “nobody will help you” is flat out false.

So please, don’t draw swords at gatherings of known slavers (unless you feel confident you can clear the entire room with it), but stand with others who condemn these abuses. Yes, they’re out there, and if it seems like we’re not making much headway, well, you’re clearly needed, huh?

We will accomplish more together then alone, so please do not get yourself killed waving a blade in crowds. You can be more useful then that.
Unless you’d rather try and take on two galactic powers alone, which would be a waste of your talents. But hey, your life is your own to waste.



I won’t get into the particulars of a fraught subject, considering the delicacy with which the State must handle the matter of slavery, the reclaiming, and Amarr conservatism or liberalism.

I may as well wade in on TCMCs, however.

Nomistrav, have you ever used skillwires? Because if you have, there’s a roughly even bet on whether you have unwittingly used TCMCs. TCMCs went from a novel cybernetic development that was sold to anyone who wanted to buy, which sometimes produced fascinating results, to an industry standard for cybernetics. Indeed, the technology has been licensed so extensively that Capsuleers can mass-produce TCMCs of their very own, and even grey market Sisters-developed implants demonstrate TCMC utilization.

This is entirely sidestepping the matter of slavers having any number of means to control slaves. Even ignoring the TCMC, anything ranging from vitoxin to shackles might be employed.

So, I’d appreciate it if you’d insult me for not shouting from rooftops, when words won’t achieve our objective.


I wonder how much it would cost to buy this Lost Idama, Ailoea en Waro. Your reaction to the current situation is so fantastically out of proportion that I don’t even know what to recommend here.

What. Are you expecting the Khanid not to own slaves? Are you expecting them to honor your religious views? Do you expect them to not use TCMCs when such info is already public? What about any of this is shocking news?

You instead pout and behave inappropriately at an event you were invited to by people who trusted you to behave yourself. An event that has no direct tie or connection to the Kingdom. Hosted by people who can easily as free Ailoea en Waro as you can. I do not understand your goal here.


… okay, color me slightly confused. Why would you bring a weapon - and yes, that’s a weapon not a tool - to a place you had guest-right?


In fairness, Miz, he did leave the weapon at the security check point-- then, upon having his apparent fit of righteous fury, went back to the checkpoint, recovered the weapon, and THEN made a gargantuan hindquarters of himself.

I’m not sure what he expected. He could have murdered (or won over, even, somehow) every soul in the Lamp and it wouldn’t have made much difference; the alleged idama isn’t I think technically even being held in the same sovereign entity.

(Has the Kingdom formally rejoined the Empire yet? Not quite, right?)

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You could do with some serious introspection. I don’t mean self-aggrandizing ideological spanking. I mean, you seem to have been a guest to a party and started waving a weapon around. I wasn’t there so I don’t know the details. But that seems to be enough information to assume you are unstable and should take a vacation or something.

We all have issues that are passionate to us. The key is to not look like a fool when confronting them.

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It has. It just seems to be allowed certain extra benefits, too.


Well its a transaction over the military supply they provide for the Imperial throne…I would claim that the word allowed creates a distorted view on the matter.

There is always someone who supports the Intaki, be it from the Gallente or the Caldari side. I wouldnt be as harsh to ARC, given how their political livelihood depends on staying in line with those who shield them. This is something that, Sri Nomistrav, you should have come to realize it a long time ago. The State through various Megacorporations for years has been assisting into preserving the terms of slavery. You just happen to be employed by one which is at its forefront.

Whatever the case may be, as mademoiselle Vuld correctly said, there is a whole cluster ranging from loyalists of a free Intaki nation to other loyalists with similar goals to even neutral organizations who devote to help through humanitarian means.

Finally if this is the first time or the last, that one of your people(and not only your people) is to be subjugated into slavery and how slavery is perceived and acted upon in the Empire…we both know its neither. Thus, either you didnt realize your associations for a long time or you were given a very much different view on things. And if this is a cry out of you to urge the liberalist Amarr/Caldari bloc to do something about it all or even the Consortium then I would call you delusional since the last years that are passing, this is the most liberal the Empire has ever depicted to be since the times when President Elabon approached Emperor Heideran. In essence, not only your immediate associations are limited to what they can do about certain aspects, despite what they wish and think about them…they naturally must preserve the status quo for their survival.

My door is always open if you wish to discuss on how we can collaborate on a certain degree. You arent as alone as you might think…

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Shield us, Mr. Sepphiros?

From what?