Connect to Sisi, old password forgotten


May 10, 02:20 UTC


I’m looking to connect to Singularity, but it says I don’t have the correct login/password. I guess that it’s because the mirror is dated prior to my password change (I just came back to Eve online 2 month ago after several years pause). How can I do to connect to Singularity if I forgot my old password ?

Thanks a lot.

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Any idea how can I change my Singularity password ?

Unfortunately you can’t.
You will have to wait until the next mirror.

Apparently, sisi doesn’t like 2FA as well, and you may have problems even with the new mirror if you have enabled it. What MAY help, and I have yet to prove this, but it’s what an ISD told me yesterday; use the “Don’t ask again for this computer” marker.

Ok thanks a lot for your answer :slight_smile:

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