Connection Failed - Incompatible Build

I am having the same issue. I tried everything. This has to be a dev bug.

Ok . . . well, got it to work. I don’t know if this will help anyone else, but what I did:

Completely delete EVE. Also, after I deleted using the uninstaller, I went back to cntrl-R, entered %LOCALAPPDATA%\CCP\EVE and to my surprise there were several files there . . . manually deleted them. Emptied trash. Cleared browser cache. Reloaded EVE.


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Worked for me too! Thanks!

This happens to me on occasion too. Usually a co.puter restart fixes it for me for the rest of the patch.

Deleting the tq folder in the shared cache folder fixed the issue for me

Edit: According to our GM team, this problem has been found and resolved. Please see the post below and open a support ticket if you have further problems.

Still not working, cant connect to Eve server to download new “tq” files.

So brokenn…

@CCP_Darwin that was the worst fix ever, now the launcher seems to be stuck in a loop trying to install the bugged updates.

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i can’t even log in…
first launcher download around 72M, 8 files.
Then i’m able to launche the accounts, and that’s all, nothin much goin.
So, i deleted the tq folder in the installation folder, no effect.
Then cleared the cacche, no effect.
then uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, no effect.
then rebooted the computer and redone everything without any result.
the launcher reload constantly the 8 files, and nothin work at all…
So wassup ccp?

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Its bugged for me as well, deleted tq server, now im on a loop downloading some files again and again

I’m working on that now, looking in the folder for latest files

I was having the incompatible build issue and can conform your method works thanks :slight_smile:

I think you need to delete the tq file, then restart the launcher to let it figure out tq isn’t there anymore, then restart your computer and then restart the launcher. Once I did all of that, the launcher has moved from the 8 files to dling tq again.

The fix didnt work for me the first time.

So I deleted the 3 index files as well and restarted the launcher
The verify button now worked and I was able to verify the download

Its working for me now.

Thank you. Your fix is working for me.

This fix worked for me.Thanks.

We found an issue that could cause this issue for some players, we just deployed a fix. Please try restarting the launcher now and see if the issue persists.

Most likely the launcher is downloading files in the background, my guess would be that you have Thunderdome selected as one of the test servers. It looks like there is a bug for the update bar when that server is selected. If you start Loglite and then restart the launcher you will see what the launcher is doing in the background. You will not be able to start the game until the files have finished updating / downloading.

You have to be joking - Could not copy files from Tranquality

[ERROR - Could not copy files to Tranquillity]