Unable to connect to tranquility servers.eveonline.com on port 26000

(target 0ne) #1

It have begun not long before DT. How to fix it?
Eve Launcher is working

Connection issue
Server connection error with no fix in sight
(Jez Stride) #2

I and at least one other here has the same problem, so you are not alone and the problem is unlikley to be “ours”

Hopefully CCP are aware of this and are looking into it, but so far they are rather quiet!

(target 0ne) #3

I’m from Russia and my problem may relate to ours “roskomnadzor blacklist” policy, hope it’s not that.

(MSCC Mabebu) #4

Can login to SISI but not to TQ

(Shaigh) #5

I’ve got the same problem…launcher is connected, but can’t log into game getting same message… Also can’t sign into support account… Can only connect here… Strange that they are saying nothing about it… :frowning:

(Malranin Larkin) #6

Same issue here.

(Fonsui) #7

Same. Disconnected shortly after DT, can get on SiSi, not TQ. Multiple computers, multiple internet connections. Certain other services are inaccessible as well, such as account management web site.

(Lionel Matteaccio) #8

Same Here… Cannot even entrer the forums without using my cellphone 4g provider.

(Somethingski) #9

Same here and can also get on sisi but not TQ

(Vorgar Mararu) #10

I´m having the same problem!

(Vue Papotte) #11

I have been having this same annoying issue all day long!!!

I last connected successfully last night 2 AM AST, which was around 06:00 EVE Time.

I connect from Puerto Rico, via Claropr.com . I can not ping tranquility.servers.eveonline.com []

I am somewhat relieved to find out I am not the only one blessed with this interruption…

(Nightborder) #12

Same for me, but it works using a vpn.
This is stupid CCP.

(Vue Papotte) #13

It is 9:30pm here -about 01:30 EVE time- I still can’t connect…

(Detektorr Isu) #14

I am from Russia, I have a similar problem
"“tranquility servers eveonline com port 26000"” ((( The anti-virus turned off, the firewall also turned off, did not help.((

(Alleria Sun) #15

I have the same problem, all day and I cannot still connect to the game.

(Tiberius Rhavinia) #16

They’re claiming it’s not their fault.

"We’re aware that a small percentage of our pilots are currently experiencing login issues, and have been since earlier today.

Unfortunately these issues are caused by third party services, and not the TQ cluster.

Apologies for the issues with accessing New Eden!"

(Brianna Bloodfang) #17

yea, had to use a vpn to log into both game and forums…

(jcjven car) #18

what vpn are you using?

(jcjven car) #19

Still no fix?

(Brianna Bloodfang) #20

PIA www.privateinternetaccess.com what im using right now.