Unable to connect to tranquility.servers.Even line.com

Today I had to uninstall to reinstall the game because at some point during my gameplay (usually within the first 10 to 20 minutes, I would get a white screen.

Since reinstall I’ve encountered a new issue, this being UNABLE TO CONNECT TO TRANQUILITY.SERVERS.EVEONLINE.COM., on port 26000

I’m from NW of England.

I am having this same issue since yesterday. Using PuTTy to telnet to 26000 works. That means its not an ISP issue. I tried from work in the morning. Got this error a couple of times after which the game connected. From home, not. I tried changing the port. Still no connection.
Connecting from Karachi, Pakistan.

Sounds like a cloudflare issue

I spend the weekend without Eve? How? Haven’t done that in ages. How do I pass the time?

Go outside and touch gra… i mean sand.