Unable to connect to tranquility servers.eveonline.com on port 26000

(Isell That) #1


No EvE for me this morning it seems…

Any1 knows a workaround?

(Maekchu) #2

Worked fine for me. Just logged in and I can see the online players are approx. 19k.

Maybe check your connection or with your isp?

(Isell That) #3

renewing my ip worked

(Gannar Aumer) #4

How can I renew my IP?

(shaun 27) #5

Depends if you got a dynamic and static ip. normally isp issues them and they change periodically. At least for me i cant change mine by simply turning the router off and on again.

(Gannar Aumer) #6

Dunno tbh. I will check whatever I can. Thx anyway :slight_smile:

(shaun 27) #7

just check your ip address then turn router off and on again and see if its the same :slight_smile: i think eve is down anyways atm at least for me so.