Connection Failed 'The cluster is not accepting connections'

Because its not openly available like it used to be. @Ti_Sun if you read through the rest of this thread, you would see another thread i attached stating the accessibility of sisi is now when they need testing done

Since CCP doesn’t support it and it is supposed to be a “TEST” server for developers and players wanting to test a setup without the chance of being ganked it should be open.

Thats not the intended purpose of sisi. And that is not why we have had access to it.

if it is for developers then why not call it developers’ server, test means everyone for everything.

Wait so we have no way of testing things anymore? damn… I guess maybe it’s possible that vanguard is using the servers that sisi might have been using before.

Possible vanguard is using those servers, how ever for someone new to captial ships, learning to fly dreads, carriers, wont be buying one or flying one in game until i can actually sit in one and learn the machanics of them, jumping, flying the fighters etc. not going to spend 10bil+ isk on a ship i cant test. Complete Failure on CCP. At least release some sort of self serve docker container, so people can deploy it and run test on their own machine then.

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Yea like they could have made the test server maybe 3 systems instead of a duplicate of the entire universe no need to go crazy on it.