Connection loss after multiple session changes

I’m losing connection after consecutive session changes. I’m not even sure it’s got anything to with the session changes because this has only happened to me like four or five times, but it was alway in the middle of forming up for a fleet when I’m chaining session changes after docking (ship, fleet and pod change). At some point here, my client freezes for a couple of seconds and then I get the “Connection Lost” message. After this I keep losing connection immediately after logging for a couple of minutes until the issue stops.

Any clues on where to start looking in order to discern whether it’s an EVE issue or some other thing?

I don’t believe session changes make a difference. I usually start 10 accounts and log them in one by one as they are all alphas. Last few days at least one of them got disconnected before i actually could log in one of the chars.

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