Connection Losses

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i dont know if this Problematic is known, but we occour since, lets say 2-3 Weeks randomized connection losses. I was playing with multiple account. Its not a internet connection issue. Its just a connection problem itself in the eve client.

Is this known ?


Yes. It’s got to do with nodes issues between CCP servers and our ISP’s… Or so says CCP.

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Yeah, I can have a rock solid connection for weeks on end, and then suddenly start experiencing random, single client DC’s about once an hour for 2 or 3 days. Then it will go away just as suddenly and inexplicably as it appeared. I filed a support ticket, and CCP said it probably had to do with how my ISP routed my data. They also suggested that a Proxy might help. It didn’t, but I think I’ll keep it for… other reasons.

Anyway, if you’re sure you eliminated all potential problems, the only thing left to do is to implement proper risk management strategies (i.e. if you’re starting to experience DC’s, don’t run the abyss, downgrade to cheaper fits, and/or engage in lower risk activities… like arguing on the forums).
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had you only searched for disconnects before posting you would see the naswer to that Search results for 'disconnects' - EVE Online Forums

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