Nightmare disconnects strarting again

I been logged in after downtime and have had 3 disconnects within the first 30 minutes.
My internet is fine.

Anyone else having this issue again?

Is CCP using that defective node again?

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CCP’s auto-response in my 10 years…


“It’s your fault. Not ours. Soz.”

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Well it is…

Online for 12 hours a day for the last 6 weeks,not a single burp…

What does that say to you?

All CCP’s fault?

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Pay 100 PLEX daily for no disconnects and no socket closures.

I joke.

Its probably connection to CCP servers, not the actual client or server being unresponsive.

Playing EVE for 12 hours a day for 6 weeks tells me that someone needs to balance their life a bit better…:wink::balance_scale:

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True, Bob - if that is 12 hours actually playing and not 12 hours signed in…


Yes. Its a conspiracy to prevent you from enjoying EVE. They have singled your ISP and IP number to give you the worst experience ever.


No, you are. If you would have made a traceroute and contacted your ISP and explained your issues, your problems would have been resolved. But hey, stay angry and the issue might solve itself… eventually.

Yes. In fact I’ve found your post not too long after I had my first random disconnect yesterday, but didn’t care about commenting. I’ve also been experiencing weirdly slow response times on two completely seperate connections yesterday, and just a minute ago I’ve had a random disconnect yet again. To be fair, before right now I haven’t had any noticable issues today.

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