Consider fixing game?

Reverse scarcity, block PVP outside of war-decs or consent (allow us weaker players a chance to grow, stop blowing up our ships bc YOU are bored). PLEASE add some PVE content instead of regional wars, NOT fun for most of us who JUST WANT TO RPG.
Also consider lowering sub back to 10USD to help draw many people in…most of us (me too) can’t afford 20USD.


If you are ganked then your doing something stupid or afk.
Never was i ganked in highsec.
Apart from in a blockade runner at jita undock.
Eve is pvp game, not pure pve only.
Ganking needs to stay am afraid

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But I thought @CCP_Rattati did fix the game, and that’s why the subscriber numbers are so high right now right?

From their perspective a lot of players pay little or a few whales paying the same amount makes no difference, it might be easier for them to please the few whales than to please the crowd. But hopefully their strategy backfires and will have to make the game better instead of making it more profit oriented but worse.

This is true, but I also remember @CCP_Rattati saying that all the players he made quit with his nerfs were all going to come running back to the game once they saw how much he improved it. :rofl: :rofl:

I would love to know if he still believes this nonsense.


Eve isn’t a “just RPG” game…

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I agree on scarcity. The rest? No ■■■■■■■ way.

You can RP all you want. There’s nothing CCP needs to do to help you RP, except maybe sell some costumes.

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