Considering a move

Approx 45m sp character looking to make a move.

Hulk pilot
Orca pilot
Bomber pilot
Interdictor pilot

I was an indy/miner toon before returning to the game in the last year and loading some skills up towards pvp. Lots to learn and fell in love with Bombing.

All policies where I am at an alliance level and above seem to be for the benefit of EU players only. Even to the point of declaring exclusivity on resources and minimum pvp activity when all ops are planned in EU times.

Looking for:
-Corp / alliance that is US tz based or with a large US East Coast tz presence.
-Frequent mining ops
-Pvp access
-Real life balance
-Currently living Null sec, would consider high sec life for a while too
-No minimum pvp requirement (tired of getting yelled at by guys who play the game 12 hours every single day that I don’t meet minimum pvp requirements or their T3 doctrines)

I’m basically looking to make the game fun again…

In-Game mail sent!

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