Considering returning

Will keep it brief. Left the game because scarcity was ignorant and I’m not interested in paying a gaming company for a second job. The industry changes were what sealed the unsub for me. I see the fw changes and they look kinda interesting. If my main problems are resolved I will sub again.

My questions are

Have the industry changes been rolled back?

Do you still need an earth sized amount of water to build a capital?

Are capital ships being produced again? (And if you happen to know off hand what are dreads being produced/sold for these days)

Have they fixed production of faction sub caps? (They were stupid expensive when I quit)

And I would like a general opinion of anyone willing to give it about the state of the game. Thanks!


But stay tuned, I predict krabbing will be the only viable profession in a year or two.

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No. They did however adressed and reduced the number of components needed for t1 battleships, faction and pirate ships.

I don’t drink water.

To some extent , obviously not as it used to be.

Some are apporachable , but in general the pirate ones are still too expensive.

The game is fine. Thank you for unsubbing !

Thank you. Will leave my accounts offline until they hire someone with a bit of intelligence. Good luck folks​:+1::+1:


If you hadn’t left in a huff, you’d by now have all the new BPOs needed. Each one at max research.

Meaning the build cost to sell price ratio is pretty much the same as it was before the changes.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


If you engage in the same play style you’ve always engaged in, you’d still be paying a gaming company for a second job, as you always have.

The only difference between scarcity and no scarcity is that in the former, you make slightly less stuff, which is worth slightly more when you sell it.

But I get it, not everyone finishes grade school.

You sound mad af your favorite game is dead LMAO. You bitter little fella

He wouldnt have all the additional resources though.

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