Constant Disconnections From Live Server

Hey I picked up the game again around November and have been playing regularly without any problems but starting last night I can no longer maintain a connection to the live server for more than 1 or 2 minutes at a time. I’ve looked at everything internet related on my end i.e. restarting all the things, checking different devices, speed tests and everything else seems to be normal. What makes it more frustrating is the fact that I can still connect to the Test server and I played for ~40 minutes without any issue whatsoever but within a second or couple minutes after logging on to the live servers I’m booted.

The only thing I did different yesterday was connect to the test server for the first time because someone in my corp wanted to try out some fleet ideas. I connected fine to the server but once I moved back to live is when all the dc’s started to happen. So as of now I can play on the test server without issue but live results in constant disconnections.

Anyone have a similar experience?

Here are the error messages I’m receiving:

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Unfortunately, I have EXACTLY the same issue that you do.

I’m receiving the exact same error message(s) and I always get quickly disconnected shortly after my ship appears in the station where I’m docked. I sometimes get disconnected within mere seconds of appearing in my docked ship but usually the disconnection happens within a minute or two. A few times I have actually been able to play the game for perhaps 3 or 4 minutes or so before being booted off. Sometimes the game doesn’t actually start since I’m disconnected within seconds after the character selection screen appears and I select the character that I want to play. I have literally kept logging on over and over again probably over 50 times in the last 22 hours in order to perhaps force a resolution of this issue and also to be able to, with sheer persistence, slowly do a few buying/selling types of things that I really need to get done without further delay in the game. Once I have safely sold the things that I need to sell and done a few other things in the game that I really should do, I anticipate that I probably shouldn’t bother to play this game any more until this problem is fixed.

The problem first started about 8pm Mountain Standard Time yesterday on the 21st of January, which is currently about 22 hours ago.

The next step that I definitely need to do is contact Eve Customer Support since it appears that this is probably not a widespread issue affecting large numbers of players. When the hard working people at Technical Support eventually become aware of the situation, I’m sure that they will issue a quick fix. Until then, life in the Eve Universe will have to go on without me (which will be hard to bear but I’ll surely survive, haha!)

The devs arent super active on the test server forums. I would post this in the live forums, see if someone can help with a solution for you. Or maybe someone has found a solution on there. There is only like +/- 200 people that actively check the test server forum.

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