Contact Team Security from ticket system

As long as this is not something Team Security dont want
Can we get an option to contact them from the ticket system ?


And the reasons that you feel this needed is?

Its would make it a lot easier to get in touch with them

The threshold is lower to fill in a ticket form then sending a mail lots of ppl (inc. myself) cant be bothered send mails but ticket forms is something else

Im quite sure theres a lot of info Team Security simply dont get cos ppl cant be bothered to send them a mail


The only time you should contact Team Security is when you’re reporting ToS/EULA violations and perhaps account hacking, there are forms for just about everything else and they are handled by the support team not team security.

If you can’t be bothered to write an email why would you be bothered typing in a form? it takes just about the same time either way.

have you seen all the damn bots out there ?

But ok whatever i tryed…

You can report the bots directly from in-game. RIght click the character > show info > right click the top left corner > report bot

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