Team Security and lack of response to tickets from Security team

Hi all,

Does anyone have the same issue where skill extraction is disabled and the message comes up to contact security team?

Got petition hanging for past 10 days an there is no progress…

That’s if you have been reported for botting or some type of account hijacking or something can’t remember where I read it but its to stop people from taking accounts and removing the sp off chars and so on.

was that a recent event? last 2 weeks or so?

I have absolutely no idea man, I might be wrong as well best would be if ISD or CCP comment try link one of them in your post @ so and so.

What this guy said.

It was brought up by Team Security a month ago.

Post on your main…

If you have an extraction restriction, you’ve been hit as a botter/hijacker.

No extraction for you.

Botting is bad OP

While ISD is always happy to help wherever we can, issues like GM tickets (and especially security tickets) can only be dealt with by GMs (or Team Security people).

However, from somebody who has had to file support tickets, and who receives support tickets at work, there are some things you can do to ensure that you can make it easier for the person picking up the ticket to deal with it:

  1. Make sure you are verbose in your ticket, this might seem obvious, but the more that has to be figured out, the longer it takes before you can get a response, as such a ticket stating “I AM STUCK PLEASE HALP” takes more effort than “When I am trying to do <X> I am getting an <Y> response which is preventing me from continuing to do <Z>”. Also, if you see error messages, please make sure to include them fully (use screenshots if they are too complex to type out), as error messages can be very helpful information.
  2. Make sure you file the ticket from the right account/address. If you have two accounts, and you are stuck on one, you should file your ticket with that account. This way the person picking up the ticket does not have to locate all related information in an effort to find what is stuck, and where.
  3. If you think information is relevant to the case, mention it. If you think it’s not relevant, but aren’t 100% sure, also mention it. Again, this goes with the other two points where information that doesn’t need looking up can make a case easier to resolve… This also includes things you possibly tried to resolve it yourself. Being able to state “I have cleared the client cache and ran the integrity check in the launcher” means that there are two steps in the possible resolution that can be skipped.

Per that dev blog…

Currently, accounts that have served temporary bans in the past are locked out from character transfers. While they can receive characters, they are not permitted to send characters to another account to prevent evasion of further reprimand.

With the March release we’ll be extending restrictions so that these accounts will also be unable to extract skillpoints. This further reduces the ability of those who’ve previously breached our rules to be able to avoid further reprimand.


Thank you all for the info. It looks like I have to simply wait for response bit longer…

Yeah, clearly that devblog means nothing but clear sailing for you… lol

yeah, sadly nothing from this blog is applicable to me…

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