Content Creation

I often times hear the larger Empires complaining about content.

I suggest upgrading the NPC’s in all systems to various levels of PvP capable ships.

To generate content I suggest that each system have its own NPC Aggression Scale. The Aggression Scale would factor into NPC ships being deployed to gates and belts based on a Capsuleer’s standings with the local NPC corporation.

For example if a system is under an Aggression Scale of +5 the highest level, then NPC ships would actively attack a Capsuleer based on their standings until the system De-aggressed or the Capsuleer rose in standings with the NPC corporation occupying the system.

I also suggest that when a Drifter wormhole is in a system that the Drifter BS would be more noticeable in the system until the wormhole despawned.

That’s not really the kind of content those people are talking about.

The general concensus among many of the big empire-builders of EVE is that CCP’s changes to sov warfare, cluster-wide mobility, resource availability and structure warfare have proven to be fairly restrictive to the preferred gameplay of PvP-focused organizations. Getting around New Eden’s more tedious, fighting structures is more tedious, taking new sov also means having to maintain activity in that sov to keep up its defense metrics, etc. Altogether this is discouraging to full-on bloc-level warfare, althought it’s not so bad for small/medium skirmish warfare. Decreased power-projection capabilities means that the large powers have a bunch of bored capital pilots that will drop on anything under their jump “umbrella”, relatively safe because they’re in range of the rest of their allies’ capitals. Players become more risk-adverse because there’s little reason risk their assets.

So what you’re suggestion amounts to little more than a poor attempt to bandaid-fix player boredom. These people don’t want PvE content, they want to fight and trash-talk with other players. But right now, large-scale fighting is such an incredible pain in the ass that the major powers have entered “arms race” mode wherein they’re farming the hell out of their space to be prepared for some imaginary future conflict.

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The phrase “content creation” is broken in EVE. Ever since special interest groups decided that their activities are the only valid ones in EVE, “content creation” has come to mean “everyone’s gameplay needs to be shaped around what I do.” Gankers decided that only ganking is content. CCP has decided that giving nullbears everything they could possibly want with minimal effort is content creation.

So yeah, I think I’m no longer in favor of content creation. I’m more in favor of conflict creation nowadays.


Dryson doing dryson things.

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They did have content just last week. Goons were attacked. Goons mad and “won” by going offline.

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