Contract creation: not changing to "private" when entering a name

Dear Devs:

When creating an item exchange contract and entering a name into the “name” field, the availability option (“public” by default) does not change to “private” automatically as it used to. Obviously, it produces an error message when proceeding to the next step, because the contract would be publicly available and only available to the specified person at the same time.
So in addition to entering the name, you have to change the radio box option to “private” manually. Please fix this bug introduces in the lastest patch, because its incredibly annoying, esp. when handling larger numbers of contracts.

Kind regards
James Greene

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If you have not done so, please make sure to file a bug report from within the game as well, ideally immediately after going through the steps you outline above, so the devs receive timestamped data to help trace the issue.

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