Contracting Love

Dealing with Expired Contracts…
Would be nice and “easy” for there to be a “Re-post Contract” option or button in right click menu for expired contracts… in many cases users simply re-post with the same settings. Essentially prefilling the contracting wizard with the information from the expired contract with the same time so if the player wants to change the price/settings they can before hitting next and then reviewing and then reposting the contract.

Dealing with the same item but creating multiple contracts.
Thinking of it as a mass contract creation drag and drop… instead of first having to select an item… the player gets to create the settings of the contract (contract wizard ui page 1 and 3) then they would drag and drop their items into the contract wizard ui and all those items would trigger individual contracts to be made with all the same parameters. e.g. post 10 Ship BPCs en-mass instead of one at a time with all the same settings.

What a clickbaity title! O:
You meany! D:

Regarding the second:

You want to have a group of an item to be split up between multiple contracts?

wait…just what were you looking for?.. :wink:

OP, why do things need to be easier?

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Because good interface design is a win for everyone. Difficulty should come from other players working to oppose your efforts, not from the interface requiring a frustrating number of clicks to accomplish something.

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I agree with Merin. This is about lowering the amount of work put into beaurocracy, not gameplay. When you have to deal with dozens of people, contracts can be a huge pain in the ass. In terms of functionality and user friendliness they’re seriously lacking.

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