Control of 20 Hulks under Rorqual bonuses

Hey, do someone have a solution, how to effective control 20 Hulks under Rorqual bonuses?
I can control 35 Retriever without problem, but i tried it now with hulks… and the cargo is to fast fullfilled and jitisson do not work, because ccp do not allow to do it under 3 min…
to throw the ore into the rorqual, compress etc. is to much useless clicking in my opinion, no buttons, it must be done by “right click” and then press compress and before stack all… wtf…

also do someone have an idea or solution, how to control 20 Hulks?.. its easier to control 13 rorquals +35 retrievers. Hulks…

Thx for help or any ideas.

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Have you thought of having them sit next to the Rorq?, as you’d be able to dump your ore directly into the Fleet Hangar of the Rorq. Sure, it may not be as effective as having each of them sitting at their own rock.

hi, yes… but the problem is BOMBERS… i am mining under cloaky droppers and, its to easy for them to kill at once then… ccp do not want to fix that cloaky ■■■■, that can sit 10 km from you for ever without do anything until they light a cyno

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It’s a risk you/we all have to live with; it shouldn’t be news to you. All areas of New Eden has risk; Highsec has suicide gankers, Null has Hot/BLOP Droppers, Lowsec is somewhere in between


ehm no^^ its not a calculated risk, what you have in higsec or lowsec. there you know, when someone is coming and you can react, here you have no chances. its like when you are under shower and someone is always watching you and you know this, but you cant do anything about this.

will be in that section some quality of life updates in future? i mena ccp have so much time for making SKINS etc… do they have time to make some buttons for players? “compress” “stack all” i mean we do not live in 1990, where you have to control your windows by commands…

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I feel like I’m missing something so I’m going to paraphrase for clarity…

Are you saying you want CCP to make it easier for you to run 21 accounts and make it safer at the same time?


I only responded to ISD Sakimura answer. and looking some other ideas, if there some of of…

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the thing is… i managed it to control 34 mining windows (Rorquals + T1), i managed it to control 34 Vexors but its a big problem to control 20 Hulks and i am asking for help, maybe someone othe did it and could help with this question.

I can’t personally imagine doing what you describe, but I’m wracking my brain to think of a valid suggestion to offer you.

I would guess that a hulks ore hold fill in something like 60 seconds under rorqual boosts?

You can’t make the ore hold bigger…
Reducing the yield would give you longer to cycle through the clients moving ore to the rorqual, but I assume reducing yield would be counter to your aims…

You can’t automate the process or risk ban for botting…

IF I was going to do this, I would use mackanaws not hulks.
With an ore hold four times the size in exchange for slightly reduced yield, you would only have to move ore to the rorqual on every 15 seconds or so as opposed to 3 seconds.

yeah… my goal is to receive 2 billion per hour from mining.
2 hulks mine like 1 rorqual ± 20 Hulks = 10 Rorquals and + my existing Rorquals, i reach then the 2 billion / by hand (no bots or something)

the problem is as you said, with the ore hold. And the problem i have now with the new 64bit client… i tried to start the usual mining setup and its is now not workable, i need much more RAM i guess now. And i wanted to prepare for future. also i have to reduce my winowcount and upgrade to better ships, that mine better. but it seems to be impossible to do it for some hours. to have 20 Rorquals on one belt is scary, because of the afk cloaky problem… the 3 min jitison rule, when it was implemented to eve?

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Not sure, but I know it was there three years ago. Last time I mined seriously.

If you choose to run that many accounts you choose to make it hard on yourself. Shut up and quit complaining about the game being hard.

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You could have a few porpoises spread around with hulks next to them, using the porpoises as middlemen for the ore.


hmm, but the problem is, a porpoise need an extra account and is do nothing.

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You could also put 2 or 3 full hulk loads into a jetcan before tractoring it.

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You can jetison into Freighter Containers instead. Strategically placed - that the hulks can reach. These will only expire at DownTime. Any ship that can carry the 2500m³ re-packaged Containers, is able to deposit the cans where required. But these can fill at 250,000m³.

Freighter Cans only be collected by freighters or ships capable of cargohold for the assembled 250000 size. They cannot be tractored.

Giving the option is either collect Containers or write them off each DT - they are cheap to manufacture. Just correct the ore from the Containers.


The simplest solution is to find some friends, corpmates, team members and have them handle half of your hulks.

They’re one solution to the problem you create by multiboxxing 30 rorq bonus hulks in almost perfect safety.

So you don’t see on local when there’s someone around who might be a danger? You’re not actually mentioning where you are mining.

■■■■ Farmers anyway, though.

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I feel so sorry for this guy. I’m in tears. What a problem to have! Poor baby.

I suggest this and have one account fly around and collect. Or ask a rl friend to haul with an alpha account from the cons to the rorq to save some time.