Control Tower Crew

So I know there’s a few charts indicating estimated crew sizes for ships based on size and faction, but what about things like Control Towers? Is it assumed these are giant automated structures or are there people on these ensuring their operation?

I don’t recall ever seeing anything specific to tower, but can only assume it’s similar to other “giant structures”?

We know that there are crews on stargates. Which are quite large machines that we generally assume are mostly automated. However we know from a chronicle published in EON Magazine that these structures still require dedicated maintenance crews. The same way that our planetary structures and smaller corvette/frigate class ships still have at least a couple crewmembers. Unfortunately I can’t link to the story as I’ve got a hardcopy.

I think it’s fair to assume that most of the primary function of these structures is automated, but crews are required for secondary or support roles.

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I’d look at things like pgcpu and size. And assume similar size crew to similar ships.
We also know citadels are meant to have huge population. Literal cities in space.

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last time I checked there were not 3 players operating one frigate or 600 players operating one titan wtf.

That isnt players. those are regular crew. Npcs. Your pod only replaces the officers roughly speaking, not all the enlisted personal.
Also remember those numbers are for an unfitted hull. The actual crew for a fully.fitted ship is more likely to be about 1/3rd the maximum crew (pick where in the maximum crew range you land based on race of ship). This guess is based off how submarines do life support vs crew size and then the fact capsuleer crews are about 30% smaller.

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