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I am presuming we could look at Stations as huge Aircraft carriers the size of a small planet? To ensure the day to day logistics of something that complex being efficient would mean a defined command and control structure. Even with the highest levels of automation when biological entities are involved decisions must be made, rotas maintained, discipline kept etc.
Is there any hint of that C&C in lore? Is there a station ‘Commander’ or ‘Flight Operation Controller’ etc. There would be rally rooms for crews, pre-flight briefing rooms etc?
I can presume a lot but was wondering if there have been any precedents set?
I also understand that there are two distinct areas of a station, the baseliners area where life just happens and pilot area. It appears CONCORD control the pilot/crew area. What is that area called?
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There are a variety of station types. They differ in size and construction, in services able to be offered, and in who can own and control them.

Broadly, any station is said to have everything that a capsuleer would immediately need. Living quarters, crew to hire for their ships, various amenities, etc. The stations always have crew themselves to keep things running.

Some stations also have areas for baseliners who may be living on the station rather than on a planet for different reasons.

As for how much control CONCORD has over station happenings, I’ll leave that for someone else to answer.

Here are some more details on stations. Indeed, you might enjoy a wiki walk though Backstage and Eve Fiction, and making friends on the Backstage Forums (which are a little more OOC-friendly).

Thanks Mellsma, I have looked through those and searched through some of the Chronicles and don’t seem to find anything on the C&C structure of stations or for that matter Stargates other than they have ‘Staff’. I may turn to Backstage Forums and give that a shot

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