Controlling Overloading

How does someone who activates modules by mouse avoid accidentally overloading modules? The three people I’ve actually asked all say “oh, I just use the keyboard in PVP” which doesn’t actually answer the question. The overload area seems to be a bit larger than the green strip.

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Click properly and with intent.

I don’t know why anyone would use mouse. Lag is much higher and game not always register commands. It’s much better to use keyboard. Ignoring that. “Strip” is tinny. I never accidentally activated it and most of the time didn’t activated when intended to. You probably need really bad luck and huge “PvP shakes” to trigger overheat and not notice it on top of that.

In the end it’s all to practice and personal preference. You can edit shortcuts to whatever you like. If you don’t feel comfortable with standard ones.

Best to just click on the bottom half of the module when activating it.

Also this should answer any other questions you may have:

Simple, don’t train thermodynamics.

What, no one else does that?

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Use keybinds.

If you ever get some adrenaline in a fight, get ‘the shakes’ and have trouble clicking small buttons in the game you’ll be glad you have set up keybinds.

And when I want to click overheat I shift click the module icon itself rather than that tiny part at the top.


New players start with it now.

There’s an option to lock overload state, the option to overload will not appear anymore.

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